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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Talks & Masterclasses

Every year, IFFR invites renowned or emerging filmmakers to discuss their work within its socio-political, economic or cultural context. Join Barry Jenkins, Bong Joon Ho, Claire Denis and Sandra Hüller as they inspire, provoke, reveal – and engage in conversation with their audience. Select the Talk or Masterclass, click the play button and start watching right away – for free and without logging in!

IFFR 2024

  • Talk: Anne Fontaine

    A talk with Anne Fontaine about Bólero, Ravel, music and telling stories through different genres.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Bill Plympton

    A masterclass on the career and techniques of Bill Plympton, reigning king of independent animation.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Billy Woodberry

    Billy Woodberry discusses his involvement in the L.A. Rebellion and his new film Mário.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Debbie Harry & Amanda Kramer

    Debbie Harry and Amanda Kramer Talk about music, cinema and their collaboration on So Unreal.

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  • Talk: Grimm Vandekerckhove

    A Talk from Belgian cinematographer Grimm Vandekerckhove, recipient of the fifth annual Robby Müller Award.

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  • Talk: Manetti Bros.

    The Manetti Bros. review their trajectory, contextualising their work in relation to Italian popular cinema.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Marco Bellocchio

    Talk exploring Marco Bellocchio’s life, work and process.

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  • Talk: Sandra Hüller

    Sandra Hüller will discuss her unique career, approach to acting and collaborations with different directors.

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  • Talk: Scud

    Filmmaker in Focus Scud discusses his life and work with Dr Victor Fan.

    • IFFR Talks

IFFR 2023

  • IFFR x De Balie: Mayday! May day! Mayday!

    Filmmaker Yonri Revolt joins experts to discuss one of the longest strikes of the 21st century.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Panel: International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk

    ICFR update on the increasing persecution and imprisonment of filmmakers, focusing on Turkey and Iran.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Albert Serra

    Spanish artist/filmmaker Albert Serra discusses his career, his connection to IFFR and Pacifiction.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: arc

    Multimedia and performance project arc expands upon their work, their process and various influences.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Critics’ Choice

    Filmmakers join this year’s Young Film Critics team to discuss film criticism and related topics.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Get in the Game

    The relationship between the filmmaker and the producer is discussed and explored.

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    • RTM
  • Talk: Girls on Film

    Live recording of the successful Girls on Film podcast, featuring special guests.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Hélène Louvart

    Cinematographer and Robby Müller Award recipient Hélène Louvart discusses her projects and collaborations with Benjamin Bergery.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Intimacy

    Actress Joy Delima, filmmaker Jonnah Bron and an intimacy coach discuss sensuality and security in filmmaking.

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    • RTM
  • Talk: Semiconductor

    UK duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt discuss their unique process of translating scientific data into art.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Stanya Kahn

    A career-spanning discussion with interdisciplinary artist Stanya Kahn, with the focus on her moving-image work.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Steve McQueen

    Acclaimed filmmaker and artist Steve McQueen discusses Sunshine State, showing at Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Talk: Yuasa Masaaki

    A wide-ranging conversation with the Japanese anime master on his vivid, wildly inventive work.

    • IFFR Talks

IFFR 2022

  • Big Talk: Amanda Kramer

    American filmmaker Amanda Kramer on her eccentric oeuvre, distinctive visual language and breaking with conventional genres.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Big Talk: Joachim Trier & Renate Reinsve

    During this Big Talk, Trier and Reinsve will discuss their successful collaboration on The Worst Person in the World and much more.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Big Talk: Mathieu Amalric

    Festival director Vanja Kaludjercic and Mathieu Amalric will discuss the latter’s rich career on either side of the camera.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Big Talk: Rachel Lang

    Rachel Lang is a filmmaker and an officer in the French army. She talks about army life and its depiction in Mon Légionnaire.

    • IFFR Talks
  • Big Talk: Sayombhu Mukdeeprom

    Thai cameraman Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, who won this year’s Robby Müller Award, speaks to moderator Joris Bulstra (NSC)

    • IFFR Talks

IFFR 2021

  • Big Talk: Benoît Jacquot & Charlotte Gainsbourg

    In-depth conversation with Benoît Jacquot, director of Suzanna Andler, and the film’s star, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

    • Limelight
  • Big Talk: Dea Kulumbegashvili & Nicolás Jaar

    Chilean composer Nicolás Jaar discusses their unique collaboration on Beginning with debut Georgian filmmaker Dea Kulumbegashvili.

    • Limelight
  • Big Talk: Dominik Graf

    Legendary genre revolutionary Dominik Graf will discuss his vast career with a special emphasis on his work with actors and composers.

    • Harbour
  • Big Talk: Kelly Reichardt

    American filmmaker Kelly Reichardt (First Cow), winner of the Robby Müller Award 2021, talks about her films and how she makes them.

    • Limelight
  • Big Talk: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

    In-depth discussion between festival director Vanja Kaludjercic and filmmaker and visual artist Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese.

  • Big Talk: Mads Mikkelsen

    A good conversation with Danish cinema star and top international acting talent Mads Mikkelsen, who can be seen in IFFR 2021’s opening film Riders of Justice.

    • Limelight
  • Big Talk: Mona Fastvold

    Festival director Vanja Kaludjercic talks to Mona Fastvold about her new film, The World to Come, and where she finds inspiration.

    • Harbour
  • Big Talk: Srebrenica. Never Again?

    Occasioned by Quo vadis, Aida?, a panel will discuss the trauma surrounding the fall of Srebrenica. Can we learn from the past?

    • Limelight
  • Freedom Lecture: Pallavi Paul

    A reflection on freedom and resistance by Indian video, performance and installation artist Pallavi Paul (The Blind Rabbit).

    • Short & Mid-length

IFFR 2020

  • Masterclass: Bong Joon Ho

    Maestro Bong Joon Ho, bringing a black-and-white Parasite to IFFR, will be asked about inspiration, working methods and other secrets to his success.

    • Voices Main Programme
  • Masterclass: Diego García

    An interview, illustrated by film clips, with DoP Diego García (Neon Bull, Nuestro tiempo), ahead of the presentation of the Robby Müller Award.

    • Regained
  • Masterclass: Eduardo Serrano

    The Brazilian editor of Bacurau and Swinguerra discusses with the audience the tumultuous and urgent films he is currently editing in Brazil.

    • Limelight
  • Masterclass: Howard Shore

    Legendary film composer Howard Shore talks about his way of working and huge oeuvre, working with directors such as David Cronenberg and his vision on film music.

    • Regained
  • Masterclass: Pedro Costa

    The Portuguese director of Vitalina Varela talks to the audience about cinema, life and his unique filmmaking style.

    • Signatures
  • Masterclass: Screenwriting Rocks

    Director Sarah Gavron and associate director Anu Henriques talk about the exceptional, communal way Rocks was written.

    • Synergetic
  • Talk: Frameworks – Quay Brothers

    In this unique, immersive installation, the Quay Brothers introduce a number of motifs, images and objects from their future film-in-the-making.

    • Frameworks

IFFR 2019

IFFR 2018

  • Big Talk: Apichatpong Weerasethakul

    Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s incredibly fertile career bears the mark of an artist who, whilst being politically and socially conscious, seamlessly creates a realm beyond the one immediately visible to the naked eye. In his films, Weerasethakul speaks to us through memories, flashes and fantasies. He devises energetic entities, and shows us how they flow through the […]

    • Frameworks
  • Big Talk: Armando Iannucci

    As a satirist, British producer-writer-director Armando Iannucci is peerless. His targets are invariably big, such as the British government in The Thick of It; the White House administration in the feature In the Loop and the internationally-renowned series Veep. For each production, Iannucci has delivered a heady brew of satire, sarcasm and absurdity and a […]

    • A History of Shadows
  • Big Talk: Jan Švankmajer

    Czech animator and filmmaker, Jan Švankmajer is a legend in his own right. His cutting-edge, surrealist and yet ever politically-conscious work, spans five decades and serves as an important inspiration for many generations of filmmakers. Švankmajer’s films stem from his own personal source material as well as adaptations of seminal writers such as Edgar Allan […]

    • Signatures
  • Masterclass: Alfredo Jaar

    For Alfredo Jaar, veteran of three Venice Biennales and winner of the MacArthur and Guggenheim awards, art and politics are intrinsically linked, even if he eschews the label of ‘political artist’. Over the past 30+ years, his work has revolved around flagrant violations of human rights and our species’ propensity towards acts of gross inhumanity […]

    • Frameworks
  • Masterclass: Lucrecia Martel

    Lucrecia Martel was educated at Avellaneda Experimental (AVEX) and the National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Direction (ENERC) in Buenos Aires. She introduced her uncompromising vision to the world with her debut feature The Swamp which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2001. Her next feature film The Holy Girl was selected for […]

    • A History of Shadows
  • Masterclass: Paul Schrader

    There is no dying of the light that burns within screenwriter and filmmaker Paul Schrader. His is a rage that remains constant. Looking back at the 1970s, it wasn’t that the new and radical wave of US independent films were necessarily better than what was to follow. The difference lay in the effect on the […]

    • Voices

IFFR 2017

  • Masterclass Barry Jenkins

    A groundbreaking film on many levels, Moonlight is based on Tarell Alvin McCraney’s play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. Barry Jenkins (1979, USA) and McCraney were raised in the same neighbourhood in Miami, which cultural critic Greg Tate defined as “a galaxy far, far away from the places it’s received world-cinema accolades from”. Jenkins studied Film at […]

    • Black Rebels