Big Talk: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese


IFFR 2021

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (b. 1980) has his roots in Lesotho, the country surrounded by South Africa, but now lives and works in Berlin. In recent years, this self-taught filmmaker, screenwriter and visual artist has consistently made a big impression at leading film festivals such as Venice, Berlin and Sundance with the staggering originality of his voice and visuals. As well as on visitors to museums and galleries such as MoMA and BOZAR Brussels, where his work, photography and video art have also been shown.

Mosese’s documentary Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You. (2019), which deals with experiences in his home country in Africa, picked up several awards. His poetic debut fiction film This Is Not a Burial, It's a Resurrection (2019) – a contemporary fairy tale about the resilience of the human spirit – has likewise not gone unnoticed. IFFR screened this award-winning film in 2020, and has again invited Mosese to join the festival as a member of the Tiger Jury in 2021. He is also one of the five filmmakers and artists participating in the anniversary exhibition Vive le cinéma!, a cooperation between IFFR and Eye Filmmuseum on 2021. In his piece for this exhibition, Mosese shines a light – through projection on several screens – on the representation of black women’s bodies.

Festival director Vanja Kaludjercic will talk to this contemporary maker extensively about his vision and work, as well as about the upcoming exhibition in Eye later in 2021.