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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Support IFFR

Join a community of curious and connected film enthusiasts.

At IFFR, we imagine a world where filmmakers and audiences form a close community through film and art. A community open and connected, curious and engaged, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and worldwide. 

Join the IFFR community and support visionary cinema and audiovisual art. By doing so, you make independent film, new insights and inspiration accessible to everyone.  

Choose what suits you best and join the adventure. 

  • Pioneers from €4/month

    As a Pioneer you belong to a group of curious, adventurous, open and connected people, that help the festival explore the unknown, take the first step, look further and bring our vision to reality.

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  • Visionaries from €1000/year

    Visionaries are shaping the future of groundbreaking cinema in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and worldwide.

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  • Fellows from €10.000/year

    Join the Fellows, a group of generous philanthropists committed to IFFR's mission. The most personal and targeted form of involvement with IFFR.

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  • Legacies

    By leaving IFFR in your will, it’s possible to experience now what your legacy entails for later.

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  • Supporters

    As a supporter, you make an impact. Whether you support IFFR once or structurally, with a large or small amount.

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