Create a legacy

Curious about how the Hubert Bals Fund supports makers in making their films? Want to experience how we use film literacy programmes to show students other continents? Or do you have specific ideas about what the festival can mean? A legacy or gift has a major impact on the effectiveness of the festival and by working together we can achieve your ambitions.

"Every year I enjoy the party that IFFR is. It’s more important to me to support something that I enjoy than an institution working to cure an ailment that will have killed me by then. I support the festival through the Tiger Film Mecenaat, which means I am already very involved and I hope my legacy will contribute to future generations being able to enjoy the festival."

Alex Mekking, highly valued friend of the festival

Would you like to know more?

We understand including an organization in your will is not a simple matter. That is why we like to tell you more in a personal conversation (without obligation), and think along with you to see if this manner of giving fits. For questions or a no-obligation introduction, contact Nicole van der Meer via [email protected] of 010 890 90 90.

If you want to include IFFR in your will or make a donation, but if you have any questions about the tax and notarial aspects of the donation, please contact our notary for advice: Notariskantoor Van Niekerk Huijzer, mevrouw mr. Fijke E. Gijtenbeek: [email protected].

Details for your own notary

If you want to record the festival or specifically the Hubert Bals Fund in a will, you can do this through either our or a notary of your choice. The notary then needs the following information:

Stichting International Film Festival Rotterdam
Postbus 21696, 3001 AR Rotterdam
KvK-nummer: 41128382