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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025


International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has been a household name in the (film) world since its founding in 1972. IFFR allows independent film talent from all over the world the chance to reach wide and diverse audiences. The festival is a safe haven for the wealth of stories, styles and audiovisual forms – an essential destination where film lovers and professionals meet. IFFR provides a space for children and youths to learn more about themselves and the world around them through film education.

A legacy to IFFR ensures that many more generations will be captivated, engaged, entertained and challenged through film.

“Every year I enjoy the celebration that is IFFR. I support the festival through the visionaries, which means I am already very involved and I hope my legacy will help ensure that future generations can enjoy the festival.”

Alex Mekking, valued friend of the festival.

Why leave a legacy to IFFR? 

IFFR exists for everyone. It is a cultural platform where compelling cinema and audiovisual art take centre stage to touch, challenge, incite, entertain and engage audiences from young to old in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and worldwide. Themes such as gender, diversity and inclusiveness, polarisation, sustainability and democratic values come up naturally. Independent filmmakers take a stand, ask questions and share their cinematic quests and stories with you and other film lovers. In doing so, IFFR creates space for dialogue that can inspire society.

With a legacy to IFFR, you can give the festival you love so much the unique opportunity to remain a voice for visionary cinema, international independent filmmakers, artists, its audience and society. 

How does it work?

If you decide to bequeath to IFFR, you can document this in a will. This is easily arranged at the notary. You decide what is in your will and to whom you wish to bequeath it: your partner, family, a dear friend and/or a good cause. A notary can advise you on this, and is also responsible for drawing up the will. Of course, you can change your legacy at any time. 

To help you, we have created a handy overview: Bequeathing in five steps.

IFFR has ANBI status, which means we are exempt from inheritance tax. Your entire donation will benefit the festival. 

Your personal wishes 

We appreciate that making a donation or including IFFR in your will is not something you do lightly. We are happy to discuss your personal wishes and the possibilities of supporting IFFR with you. For questions or to schedule a personal meeting, please contact Georgie Kusbiantoro or Barbara de Heer at [email protected]

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Leave a legacy in five steps


Georgie Kusbiantoro: Coordinator Donations, Mecenaat & Events
Barbara de Heer: Chief Funding and Business Growth