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This website is offered to you by International Film Festival Rotterdam (hereinafter: “IFFR”). The conditions set out below apply to the content and use of the IFFR website. By using the IFFR website, the visitor (hereinafter: “User”) accepts these conditions.


The User may only consult and use the website and the information, data, software, services and other content offered by IFFR and third parties on the IFFR website (hereinafter jointly: “Content”) for purposes of obtaining information. It is not permitted to use the website and the Content in a way that could cause harm to other internet users or IFFR or that may adversely affect the proper functioning of the website or the Content. Nor is it permitted to make use of parts of the website that are not accessible to the general public, under a false name or by avoiding the security measures.

Accuracy and completeness 

Although we make every effort to provide correct and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee that the Content is correct and complete at the moment the User consults this, nor that the Content will still be complete and accurate following the passage of time. No rights or obligations may be derived from the Content.

IFFR is not liable for (a) damages ensuing from inaccuracies, incompleteness or unavailability of the Content; (b) damages ensuing from the use of the Content; and/or (c) damages ensuing from problems caused by, or inherent to, the dissemination of information via the internet, such as malfunctions or interruptions to or errors or delays in the provision of information or services by IFFR or by the User to IFFR through the IFFR website or by any other electronic means.


IFFR undertakes to make its website and the Content as available as possible, but accepts no responsibility for any consequences of (temporary) unavailability of the website and/or (parts of) the Content.


Hyperlinks on the IFFR website may lead to websites and/or servers that are maintained by parties other than IFFR. IFFR offers no guarantees and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to the Content on such websites and/or servers.

Intellectual property rights 

The Intellectual property rights to the website and the various elements of the Content, including the texts, photos, word trademarks, pictorial marks, photos and the graphic design of the website, are held by IFFR and/or its licensors. It is not permitted to reproduce the Content or make this public without prior written permission from IFFR, unless this is technically essential to consult the website and the Content and to use this in accordance with these conditions.

IFFR reserves the right to resist the placing of links to its website, in particular to parts of the website other than the homepage (deep links) and links that lead to internet users seeing the IFFR website in a frame on another page (framed links).

Information provided by you 

IFFR cannot guarantee that emails or other electronic messages you send to IFFR will be received on time and will not process or accept any liability for the consequences of failure to receive or late receipt or failure to process or late processing thereof.

User agrees that IFFR may use information sent to IFFR by User freely and User guarantees that this information will not violate the rights of third parties. Personal details submitted by you will be processing in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

IFFR reserves the right to amend and/or remove from the website information submitted by you, in the event that information offered or already placed is in conflict with the law, the interests of other internet users, other third parties or IFFR’s General Terms & Conditions.


IFFR reserves the right to amend the content of its website and these Conditions of Use, in part of in full, without prior announcement.

Applicable law and competent court 

These Conditions of Use and use of the IFFR website are subject to the law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Disputes concerning these conditions and/or use of the IFFR website will be adjudicated exclusively by the competent court in Rotterdam.