International Film Festival Rotterdam is one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. Over these twelve days, hundreds of films are shown on more than twenty screens in Rotterdam. To make this great event possible, IFFR works with over 900 volunteers in many different jobs. The coming edition of the festival will take place between January 23th and February 3th in 2019. For next year's edition, you can apply from November 2018 onward. 

How can you apply as a volunteer for the coming edition?

The application form will be published online in November 2018. Via the registration form (big red button 'volunteer') you will then be able to to apply as a volunteer for the 48th edition of the festival. From November onward we will contact all volunteers that have applied, in order to discuss your preferences and tasks during the festival.

If you've already been a volunteer last year, we will send you an email in November with an invitation to apply for the 48th edition and for possible adjustments in your contact information. 

What do we expect from you?

As an international film festival, we offer plenty of jobs for non-Dutch speakers: there are more than ten different jobs for international volunteers. As a volunteer we expect you to be available during the entire festival period and work ten shifts. Availability in the days before the festival can be an advantage in the selection process. Furthermore, we expect from volunteers to be both representative and to master the English language in both speech and reading.

Also, as a volunteer you will have to look for your own accommodation during the festival. Possible travel expenses are not compensated. 

Want to know more about specific positions? We've listed, categorised and explained all the volunteer jobs at the end of this page. 

Due to strict regulations from the government, every volunteer that does not have European identification is obligated to have a work permit that states that he or she is free to work in the Netherlands. If you are not a citizen of the European Union, we will ask you for a copy of your work permit. 

What can you expect as a volunteer?

The festival cannot happen without the support of all the volunteers, so we try our very best to make things as comfortable as possible for all of you. Watching films is free for volunteers; if you work ten shifts or more, you will get a crew badge with which you can get free tickets for an unlimited amount of film screenings. If you work less than ten shifts, you get one film ticket per worked shift. Besides your crew or temporary access badge, you will get meals and drinks during your shifts, discount on consumption vouchers, the beautiful official festival t-shirt, and, of course, invitations to special volunteer film screenings and parties.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with sleeping space or refund travel expenses. For more information about hotels, hostels, other sleeping possibilities or public transport, we advise you to visit the website of Rotterdam's tourist information office. As a volunteer you are covered by our festival insurance.

Besides all the parties, gifts and goodies, you will get a unique experience behind the scenes of one of the biggest cultural events in the Netherlands, work in an informal environment with many different people plus you get to enjoy the great atmosphere of the festival.

The volunteer positions

Before, during and after the festival, all of the roughly 900 volunteers work in about 30 different jobs. You as a non-Dutch volunteer can choose between 14 of the 30 jobs. On your subscription form, we will ask you for a top three jobs of your preference. Because we want you to make a well-considered choice, we have summarised all different volunteer jobs. To make things easier, we have divided them into three categories:

Audience-related jobs 

We need most volunteers for these jobs. Screening attendants, box office crew and all other jobs in which contact with the audience play a central role. 

Guest-related jobs

Among these jobs are guest assistants, guest desks and chauffeurs: all jobs involving a direct relationship to your (often international) festival guests. The requirements for these jobs are often a bit higher in terms of working hours and skills. 

Backstage jobs

For those who want little or nothing to do with our audience and guests, and prefer to work behind the scenes. Jobs like Construction team, Paper Tiger and Production Runners belong to this category.

When you apply as a new volunteer we will invite you for an introduction meeting and discuss your preference before we assign you to a job matching your preferences and capabilities. Please note that, although we will try our very best, we cannot always assign you to your number-one preference.

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