Guest-related roles

Guests fly in from all over the world to be a part of International Film Festival Rotterdam. To help them find their way in Rotterdam and provide them with the best service, there are several guest-related roles.

Guest related roles are more demanding than other roles. You need to master (at least!) the English language, and you’ll need to be available for the entire festival. Please, also take into account that most guest related roles involve a selection procedure and candidate list, meaning that aside from the general introduction meetings you will be interviewed by the department in question (Guest, Press, etc.) as well. This all sounds like a lot and it is, but always remember these are really interesting roles. It is a lot of fun and you’ll gain a lot of festival experience.

Car Service

IFFR’s Car Service provides transport (per car) to the festival’s important guests, filmmakers, actors, etc.. You’ll be driving back and forth between festival locations, hotels and the airport, making sure our guests get to the right place at the right time.

  • It is great because: you’ll have a chance of meeting important guests and get to treat them with trips in our special festival cars. Additionally, you’ll be part of a fun team that gets to see how the festival operates behind the scenes.

  • You’ll need: this role requires flexibility and availability beyond standard 9 to 5 working hours. Additionally, you’ll need a valid and clean driving licence with at least 3 years driving experience.

Guest Assistants

Your role as a Guest Assistant is to accompany and assist our festival guests. You’re their host in Rotterdam and will inform them on all IFFR has to offer. Additionally, you’ll keep a close eye on their schedule and make sure they arrive at their appointments on time.

  • It is great because: you’ll be in direct contact with the festival’s guests and you get to be their guide during their time at IFFR.
  • You’ll need: knowledge of languages corresponding to our guests, knowledge of Rotterdam and IFFR. For this role we may require you to be available for the duration of the festival.

IFFR Pro desk & Schiphol desk

This crew are festival representatives towards our guests, they provide them with their festival badge and information, and give them a warm welcome to the festival. You will be their familiar face during the festival, and give them access to information (of any kind) and to many directors, critics, distributors and other guests.

  • It is great because: you are the first point of contact for the directors, actors, producers and other exciting guests. You will be an important face and festival guide for them.
  • You’ll need: to be fully available for the duration of the festival. Furthermore, you need to be friendly, helpful and accurate. Besides Dutch and English, speaking an additional language would be an advantage during the selection procedure.

Press desk

The Press desk welcomes both foreign and Dutch journalists. Together with our Press department, you will have the responsibility of planning interviews with filmmakers, producers and other festival guests. This role involves more responsibility than other volunteer roles, as it is of the utmost importance that appointments are carefully scheduled and well communicated.

  • It is great because: you’ll get to meet many filmmakers, guests and journalists from all over the world. You will be the one to arrange important interviews with remarkable filmmakers!
  • You’ll need: excellent knowledge of the English language, as well as great supervision and communication skills. Furthermore, a helpful and friendly attitude, accuracy and a good sense of responsibility are required for this role.

Video library

As a Video Library crew member, you’ll run the video library and assist festival guests and people from the press with the digital video library. For filmmakers, critics and other important film industry-related guests, the Video Library is a very important facility.

  • It is great because: you will be in direct contact with filmmakers and film critics from all over the world. You'll help them get a hold of that one film they've missed.
  • You'll need: a decent knowledge of the English language and an ability to work accurately. Besides that, it is important you are up to date on the festival and its films. Last but not least: you are required to be available for the duration of the festival.

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