Backstage roles

Each year, a large number of volunteers helps us out dressing the festival locations, writing a volunteer magazine, running film screenings, and much much more. Are you interested in taking a look behind the scenes of International Film Festival Rotterdam? Then one of our backstage roles might appeal to you.

Assistant location manager

During the festival IFFR screens films in many different venues all over the city. All of these spaces are helmed by a member of the production team, the so-called location manager. As an assistant location manager you will assist the location manager in their daily duties. You will ensure the smooth running of the venue’s film screenings including coordinating your fellow volunteers in scanning tickets, seating visitors, crowd control, keeping the screening rooms tidy, verifying the attendance of directors, guests and the Q&A team, and liaising with the projectionist for testing and starting the film. The role requires a fair bit of responsibility and thinking on your feet, and it is a great way to gain work experience in event production.

Competencies: sociable and patient • reliable team-player • strong (English) communication skills • flexibility and adaptability in quick-changing situations • stress tolerance • strong organisational skills

Working hours: Full time during the festival (around 10 days) + additional training sessions prior to the festival.

Extra: please keep in mind that due to the nature of the role we’ll require you to take part in a second interview with our location producer as part of the selection process. 

Audience Award team

As part of the Audience award team you will collect and count all returned audience award forms as well as record your findings so they can be published on a daily basis.

Competencies: basic numerical skills • accuracy • patience

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival

Construction team

If you’re looking for a physically active role in a fun and sociable team, and if you would like to experience the festival from the very first cable all the way through to the very last table, then the construction team might be the team for you. You’ll assist with building up and taking down all festival related materials, including putting down carpet, painting walls, hanging banners, laying down cables and transporting materials between venues and storage.

Competencies: brains and/or brawns • a can-do attitude • enthusiastic team-player • reliable and independent • creative thinking

Working hours: 40+ hours. Generally between 09:00 and 19:00 before and during the festival. Please note that this team requires longer working hours than other teams.

Extra: a driving license and experience driving with larger vans is a plus, though by no means required.

Doorman editors

The doorman is the daily festival publication run by and specifically created for volunteers. The Doorman team aims to connect volunteers with one another, and plays an integral part in keeping all of our tigers informed, involved, and entertained in between their shifts. In the past we’ve had Doorman editors working on articles, podcasts, video portraits and reports, festival puzzles and more. All revolving around the IFFR volunteer community.

Competencies: advanced English writing skills • creative mind • enthusiastic team-player • reliable and independent • experience or a proven interest in journalism and/or graphic design

Working hours: 60+ hours. Full time during the festival. Flexible, but with a fixed (daily) deadline.

Extra: An additional interview/ assignment is part of the application process.

Paper Tigers

The Paper Tigers are a physically active team that organises the display of film posters in festival venues. Apart from making sure every poster is at the right place at the right time, you will assist in distributing IFFR related print and copy, and browse through newspapers and magazines for articles covering the festival. You will get to see every corner of the festival and be part of a small but tight knit group.

Competencies: A keen eye for detail • Comfortable in working in a moderately physical role • A secret love for scotch tape • An enthusiastic team-player

Working hours: 40 - 60 hours. Primarily during the festival with shifts between 09:00 and 21:00. 

Production runners

As a production runner you will assist the production department with a variety of tasks to keep the festival running smoothly. This could involve anything from delivering lunch to other teams all over the festival site to running errands for one of the many film- and event locations or moving materials between festival venues. It is a diverse role that will require you to either go full steam ahead or stand by patiently awaiting the next last-minute request.

Competencies: A hands-on mentality • Strong biking skills to move around the town freely • Able to work quickly and follow instruction • Reliable, flexible and patient • A driving license might come in handy • Comfortable in working in a moderately physical role

Working hours: 40 - 60 hours, primarily in the week before the festival and during the festival itself. Generally between 10:00 and 19:00.


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    Volunteers Coordinator

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    Volunteers Coordinator

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