Audience-related roles

Volunteers in audience related roles represent the festival to our audience. Their kind and helpful attitude ensures the audience is well informed and makes them feel right at home at IFFR.

Audience assistants

Work at our main festival location ‘de Doelen’. They check tickets at film screenings, but also take extra special care of our guests at the great number of drinks, dinners and lunches. You may also be asked to work in the cloak room of 'de Doelen'.

  • It is great because: your work is very diverse. You'll be doing something different every day and will come to work with a wide range of different people.
  • You'll need: a good dose of flexibility, as you will be asked to do a variety of tasks.


Catering crew

We are looking for people who have experience working in a bar and/or barista skills. You will work at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg during events, film screenings, and parties, mainly in the afternoon and evenings.

  • It is great because: you’ll work in a fun atmosphere and busy environment, where serving drinks and preparing coffees is a very rewarding task.
  • You'll need: it is important to have a friendly attitude and hands-on mentality. Bar experience and/or barista skills are required.

Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers are a team on standby and are called upon when an extra hand is required. Your role will likely vary per shift, flexibility is therefore a requirement.

  • It is great because: you’ll be working at different locations in different roles, therefore you get to experience many sides of the festival.
  • You’ll need: (preferably) previous experience working at IFFR and flexibility.


The merchandise crew works at the merchandise desk located in the centre of ‘de Doelen’. You’ll be selling t-shirts, catalogues and other festival memorabilia to visitors, guests and even enthusiastic volunteers.

  • It is great because: it’s a fun way to get in touch with the festival audience: you’re the one to sell them the IFFR sweater they’re so excited about!
  • You’ll need: a sales mentality and a friendly face of course.

Party crew

The Party Crew works the late evenings at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg.Together with your team members and the bar crew you are responsible for IFFR's 'film parties' at TR Schouwburg. You will be assisting the audience, manning the cloakroom, collecting empty glasses, and making sure the audience has a night to remember. Please note: you will not be serving drinks!

  • It is great because: you will be working at the most exciting place of the festival and get to experience TR Schouwburg nights like no one else. Additional advantages are that you’ll have plenty of time to watch films during the day, and because you'll only be working night shifts you'll get a Crew Badge after six shifts instead of ten.
  • You'll need: to be a nightowl, a hands-on mentality, and know what makes a great party!

Research Tigers

You’ll be visiting a variety of (special)events, talks and films to hand out tear cards to the public. Your team will be invaluable in helping us gain information about our audience; the research tigers offer assistance with and advice on our audience research on location.

  • It is great because: you’ll have lots of interaction with the festival audience and you’ll be the face of the festival. Furthermore, you’ll get to experience many different sides of the festival and you’ll be present at a variety of events.
  • You’ll need: lots of enthusiasm and curiosity for IFFR’s visitors. It is also important not to be shy in approaching people.

Scan subco

As a Scan Subcoordinator you work with the Scan Coordinator and the assistant location managers to make sure everything scan related runs smoothly. This means assisting with any scan related problems, checking in on the volunteers and making sure everyone knows their schedule for the day. In this role you will either be at Pathé Schouwburgplein sending out everyone to the different locations close by or traveling between Kino, Cinerama and LantarenVenster. Of course there will be a training before the festival starts to bring you up to speed on anything scanner related and on what to expect during the festival. Since this volunteer posts involves more responsibility, an additional interview will be required.

  • It is great because: you'll get a fair amount of responsibility and of course it's quite a rush to see the festival run smoothly because of your involvement.
  • You'll need: it is important to be immune for stress, be communicative, and have experience in a coordinating role. Furthermore this role will require full availability during the festival.

Scan team

The scan team works closely together with the screening attendants and box office crew. You’ll prepare the scanners and assist the screening attendants with any scanner related issues they might experience.

  • It is great because: you're in direct contact with our audience, will meet a lot of your fellow volunteers, and will visit a lot of different festival venues, allowing for the full festival experience. You’ll be the hero of the day in case of any e-ticket related problems at the door.
  • You'll need: to be somewhat technically savvy and have a customer oriented attitude. You’ll receive a scanner training ahead of the festival.

Screening attendants

These volunteers check tickets at the countless number of screening rooms and look after the auditorium before, during, and after a film screening. Your task is to make sure the visitors feel welcome and answer any questions they might have. Screening Attendants complete the film experience for both guest and audience with a warm welcome and a kind smile.

  • It is great because: you're in direct contact with our audience and you are, like no other, the face of the festival. Standing in the midst of the festival, you will have the full festival experience.
  • You'll need: as a screening attendant, you are selected based on your hospitality skills and ability to embody the  IFFR experience. Therefore it is important that you have a friendly attitude and a good personal appearance.

Team Special Events

Team Specials offers assistance to the visitors of IFFR’s special events, which are located throughout the city. You’ll find most of these projects in our Art Directions and Sound/Vision programme. They can take on many forms (e.g. exhibitions, art installations and performances), but are ultimately film related.

  • It is great because: you’ll be sent out to different locations and you’ll be in the midst of the festival, allowing for the full festival experience.
  • You’ll need: flexibility and an interest in art, because you’ll be assisting with different projects at multiple locations, your tasks will vary from day to day.

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