Audience-related roles

With 340,000 admissions in 2020, International Film Festival Rotterdam is one of the largest audience and industry driven film festivals in the world. To ensure our visitors are well informed and have the best festival experience possible, we rely on a large team of volunteers to assist us and the visitors in a variety of audience related roles.

Audience assistants

This team is based at our festival hub, ‘de Doelen’. Your activities are diverse and may vary per day, but mainly include checking tickets, helping as a host at industry events, and manning the cloakroom at the entrance of ‘de Doelen’.

Competencies: flexibility • patience • prepared to take on different roles • friendly attitude

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.

Catering crew

Based at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg, you’ll serve hot and cold beverages to our audiences throughout the day, but also during the infamous IFFR parties in the late evenings.

Competencies: friendly attitude • hands-on mentality • bar experience and/or barista skills required • team-player

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.

Flying Tigers

Our Flying Tigers will be shifted throughout various roles during the festival, to fill in for cancellations or lend a hand where extra help is needed. From your base at ‘de Doelen’ you’ll be asked to fly out to different locations, sometimes for only an hour, other times for the duration of your shift.

Competencies: lots of flexibility • prepared to take on different roles • patience during the quiet hours

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.


The Merchandise desk is located at the heart of our festival hub, ‘de Doelen’. Together with your fellow team members, you’ll be selling T-shirts, jumpers, socks, and other festival memorabilia to our audiences, guests, and your fellow volunteers.

Competencies: sales mentality • communication skills • English skills • friendly attitude

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.

Party crew

A close knit team of real night owls, the Party crew makes sure our audiences have a night to remember during the IFFR parties at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg. Together with your team, you’ll be assisting the audience, manning the cloakroom, and collecting empty glasses. (NB you will not be serving drinks)

Competencies: nightowl • hands-on mentality • team-player

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival. Please note that all shifts start between 19:00 and 22:00, and finish between 02:00 and 04:00.

Research Tigers

Visiting a variety of (special)events, talks, and films, this team is invaluable in helping us gain more information about our audiences. During your shift you’ll receive a tablet and - together with a fellow crew member - you’ll be asked to reach out to audiences at different festival locations.

Competencies: communication skills • interest in audience research • comfortable approaching people

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.

Screening attendants

Screening attendants complete the film experience for both guests and audiences, by giving them a warm welcome and answering any questions they may have. Your main responsibilities are to check tickets and assist with crowd control at the festival’s screening venues. Additionally, you’ll be asked to look after the auditoriums before and after screenings.

Competencies: friendly attitude • flexibility

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.

Team Special Events

This team assists with crowd control and guides visitors at the locations of IFFR’s Art Directions programme. These film-related projects are located throughout the city and take on many different forms, including exhibitions, sound//vision, Virtual Reality, and art installations.

Competencies: flexibility • interest in art • friendly attitude

Working hours: 28 - 60 hours during the festival.


  • Anne Wabeke

    Volunteers Coordinator

  • Alyssa Schrauwen

    Volunteers Coordinator

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