Big Talk: Joachim Trier & Renate Reinsve


IFFR 2022

In his airy, melancholy, yet romantic comedy The Worst Person in the World, leading Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier portrays a doubt-wracked person in their twenties, as he did in his prior films Reprise (2006) and Oslo, August 31st (2011) – both screened at IFFR – shedding light on the dreams and issues of his own generation.

Trier and lead Renate Reinsve (justifiably awarded the prize for best actress at the Cannes Film Festival) along with moderator Ella Kemp will undoubtedly talk about the differences between Millennials and Generation X. The rest of this Big Talk will be about how The Worst Person in the World was made, how contentious scenes were filmed, Oslo as a backdrop, and the Norwegian film industry. Fun fact: Trier and his standard co-scriptwriter Eskil Vogt wrote the script for The Worst Person in the World with Reinsve – who debuted with a minor role in Oslo, August 31st – in mind.

Related to the IFFR 2022 Surprise Film, this Big Talk will be available on from Saturday 5 February onwards

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