Big Talk: Srebrenica. Never Again?


IFFR 2021

“Never again”, the world promised after the Holocaust, to prevent future genocides. Now history has repeated itself − from the horrors of Rwanda and Srebrenica to the persecution of the Rohingya − the question arises, what is left of this promise?

Srebrenica’s fall marks a dark period in history. For the Netherlands it represents a major trauma that has only recently received the attention and space it deserves. How can we ensure that Srebrenica remains locked in our collective memory and consciousness? Which perspectives play a role and can we explain contemporary events using the lessons from the past?

Occasioned by Quo vadis, Aida? by Jasmila Žbanić − available again on demand during the June part of IFFR − a panel will discuss whether we can learn from past injustices. How can we combat contemporary intolerance and imagine a new future? Art’s power is to recognise and depict this black page in history, providing new opportunities to reflect on the past.

Led by journalist and programme-maker Coen Verbraak, Alma Mustafic and Satko Mujagic (survivors of Srebrenica), Remko de Bruijne (ex-Dutchbat), Els Vandevorst (coproducer Quo vadis, Aida?), theatre-maker Boy Jonkergouw and historian Marc van Berkel discuss the anchoring of Srebrenica in our collective memory.

Fri 4 June, 19:00, free admission,, in collaboration with LUX Nijmegen and vfonds