Masterclass: Eduardo Serrano


IFFR 2020


Brazil is under huge political, economic and cultural pressure. The IFFR programme Soul in the Eye (2016) showed that there are many urgent stories being told in today's Brazil as a result. What does it mean to present the problems of a society through film? And how can you then order these many images into a coherent whole?

During IFFR, Brazilian video editor Eduardo Serrano will give a masterclass in which he will discuss in greater depth his career and his role within the current Brazilian film world. Serrano edited key Brazilian films such as Neon Bull (2015, Gabriel Mascaro), Aquarius (2016, Kleber Mendonça Filho), Djon África (2018, João Miller Guerra, Filipa Reis) and Divino Amor (2019, Gabriel Mascaro), all socially committed works opposing political abuses and patriarchal, colonial views.

This festival, the short, politically motivated dance film Swinguerra (Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca) is screening, on which Serrano also worked as editor. In addition, Bacurau (the latest feature film by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliana Dornelles) has been selected, which screened in competition in Cannes. Using examples from these films, Serrano will engage with the audience about editing and his cooperation with the standard-bearers for a new Brazilian cinema.

Sun 26 Jan, 15:30, Hilton Le Jardin, €9/€6