Talk: Bill Plympton


IFFR 2024

Bill Plympton (b. Portland, 1946) is one of the most revered figures in independent animation.

He began his career as a cartoonist for publications such as the New York Times, the National Lampoon, Playboy and Screw. Two of his animated short films – Your Face (1987) and Guard Dog (2005) – garnered him Oscar nominations. He also won prizes at Cannes with Push Comes to Shove (1991) and Eat (2001). Since 1991, Plympton has made eleven feature films – most of them animated. He has created numerous commercials and collaborated with artists like Madonna, Kanye West and Weird Al Yankovic. 

This year, IFFR has the honour of presenting Plympton’s latest feature, Slide – a culmination of his work, bringing together many aspects of his early life. In addition to this, Plympton will be offering a masterclass about his career as animator, and about how he’s been able to survive as an independent filmmaker. During the masterclass, moderated by Aneta Ozorek (Artistic Director, Kaboom Animation Festival), he will show a selection of his shorts, perform a live drawing demonstration, and give a free sketch to all attendees!

– Cristina Álvarez López



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