About CineMart

The 38th edition of CineMart will take place during IFFR Pro Days from 1 - 5 February 2021

This year we take our co-production market CineMart online. During these challenging times, our main goal is to support and inspire the filmmaking community by providing a strong digital platform. Our mentors will help the selected projects to effectively present themselves in a way that captures their uniqueness, and to identify the most suitable potential partners. The CineMart selection will be presented to key industry guests during Spotlight, which will be followed by curated one-to-one meetings. The projects as well as our CineMart guests will be supported by our team throughout.

CineMart offers a selection of carefully curated feature film projects – independent arthouse films with market potential. As part of IFFR Pro Days, CineMart takes place during IFFR 2021 and heralds an important start of the 'film year'.

The CineMart selection consists of around 15 new, strong and unique projects, that are complemented by BoostNL projects and VR projects (a total selection of around 30 projects). CineMart is not regionally or nationally limited in its curation of projects. Talent and quality of content are the main selection criteria, resulting in a wide range of topics and genres from numerous and diverse regions and cultures.


Selected projects work together with experienced experts – who have the role as mentors throughout – to assess what the project precisely needs, so we can provide tailored support to get the most out of the market experience. Guests and projects alike can indicate with who they want to meet, and whether you join us as a project team or guest, you will be provided with a tailored schedule. Our aim is to have a strong focus on finding the right creative and financial partners and fostering lasting connections.


To maximise visibility we organise Spotlight, an event during CineMart where selected projects are presented to attending professionals. During this session, the projects and their mentors highlight the uniqueness of their project.

Submitting a project

Submissions are now closed. Check out all you need to know for applying for a later year.

Join us

CineMart is a by-invitation-only market. We carefully review the guestlist each year in order to ensure that the attending industry representatives can contribute and possibly commit to the projects in the CineMart selection. CineMart delegates are co-producers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and potential financiers. CineMart badge holders can request meetings with all presented projects, including BoostNL and Immersive labelled projects.


  • Sara Juricic

    Project Manager CineMart

  • Inke van Loocke

    IFFR Pro, CineMart & Rotterdam Lab Manager

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