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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

CineMart: 40th edition lineup

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The lineup for the 40th edition of CineMart is here! 20 feature film and 5 immersive projects will be presented to the international film industry at IFFR 2023 and given the right connections to bring them to reality.

CineMart concept stills (clockwise: Anti-Muse, Boifriend, 7 P.M. on a Sunday, 108 Days)

Following two online editions, the market takes place in person for the first time since 2020. Filmmakers from Indonesia, Paraguay, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ukraine are found amongst the lineup which features hip-hop, migration, gender fluidity and a cowboy.

Apetown by Kurt Orderson is a South African urban story weaving together hip-hop, graffiti, segregation and camaraderie. Anna Zamecka’s hybrid documentary Słońce follows the stories of young Iraqi-Kurds making the journey to Belarus. In Boifriend, UK-based Jack Goessens presents a character-driven story on the fluidity of gender and sexuality, exploring dysphoria and euphoria. Set in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, Marta Parlatore explores a Polish migrant’s struggle between creative expression and motherhood in Grushka, which also takes part on the BoostNL programme

Sweden’s Plattform Produktion returns to CineMart to present Redoubt by John Skoog, a continuation of a 2014 short of the same name, on a portrait of a farm-worker Karl-Göran Persson who turned his home into a fortress. 

CineMart 2023 concept images

Several titles in the selection have previously been supported by IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund (HBF). Manta Ray (IFFR 2019) director Phuttiphong Aroonpheng presents a confrontation between a displaced migrant and the Thai government official who burnt his house down in The Burning Giants. In Barbara Sarasola-Day’s Little War, an Anglo-Argentine family at the foot of the Andes confront the on-coming Malvinas war. Marina Stepanska explores the lives of three generations of Ukrainian women in Consider Vera.

A young woman’s journey through Colombia in search of her missing brother’s vanished spirit is the premise for Las tierras que te buscan by Juanita Onzaga, whose short work of ‘ancestral futurism’ Tomorrow Is a Water Palace screened in competition at IFFR 2022.  Pablo Lamar won the Special Jury Award in the Tiger Competition at IFFR 2016 for his debut La última tierra, and now presents Remanso set in the 1970s during the dictatorship in Paraguay.

As part of a cooperation between CineMart and WEMW (When East Meets West), the co-production forum at Trieste Film Festival, When the Kids Sing the Hits by Mina Djukic will have the chance to present at both markets. The project is a portrait of three friends during the last days of Yugoslavia. 

CineMart 2023 filmmaker portraits

IFFR Pro Immersive

Five projects comprise the IFFR Pro Immersive lineup at CineMart, chosen from those presented on the Content strand of Impulse at VRDays’s Immersive Tech Week. Rapper, artist and filmmaker Baloji (Zombies, IFFR 2020) presents Anti-Muse: a surreal narrative combining music, dance and scenography set amongst the tropical plants of the Royal Greenhouses, a symbol of Belgian colonisation of Congo. Gay Simulator by Iris van der Meule is an interactive virtual reality artwork and video game which will immerse the user in the experiences of a lesbian girl.

CineMart 2023 complete selection

108 Days, Lucky Kuswandi, Indonesia
Produced by: Palari Films

7 P.M. on a Sunday, Sevgi Eker, Finland
Produced by: Helsinki-filmi Oy

Apetown, Kurt Orderson, South Africa
Produced by: Apetown Productions, BuMP Films, Azania Rizing Productions, seriousFilm

Boifriend, Jack Goessens, United Kingdom
Produced by: Bombito Productions

The Burning Giants, Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, Thailand
Produced by: Diversion

Brace Yourself, Thati Pele, South Africa, Netherlands
Produced by: URUCU, BALDR Film

Cerro Corá, Francisco Márquez, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Produced by: Pensar con las manos, Tekoha, Terceira Margem, Multiverso 

Consider Vera, Marina Stepanska, Ukraine
Produced by: ESSE Production House

Eldorado, Alaa Eddine Aljem, Morocco, France
Produced by: Le Moindre Geste, In Vivo Films

Eyes Closed, Jenneke Boeijink, Netherlands
Produced by: BIND

Grushka, Marta Parlatore, Netherlands, Belgium
Produced by: Volya Films, A Private View

Las tierras que te buscan, Juanita Onzaga, Colombia
Produced by: Marginal Cine

Little War, Barbara Sarasola-Day, Argentina
Produced by: Pucará Cine

The Poison Cat, Tian Guan, China
Produced by: Beijing Guanyu Film

Redoubt, John Skoog, Sweden
Produced by: Plattform Produktion, BCD Film

Remanso, Pablo Lamar, Paraguay, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina
Produced by: Sapukai Cine, Sabaté Films, Sancho Filmes, Revolver Amsterdam, Fortuna Films, Tarea Fina.

Słońce, Anna Zamecka, Poland
Produced by: Madants

The Surrogate, Ali Jaberansari, Mexico, United Kingdom
Produced by: The Lift, Here & There Productions

Testa o Croce?, Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis, Italy, France
Produced by: Ring Film, Shellac Sud

When the Kids Sing the Hits, Mina Djukic, Serbia, Montenegro
Produced by: Sense Production, Adriatic Western


369, Ananda Safo, France
Produced by: TEN2TEN Films

Ancestors, Hanna Haaslahti, Finland, Germany
Produced by: Fantomatico, Poike Production, High Road Stories

Anti-Muse, Baloji, Belgium
Produced by: Amok, Wrong Men

Gay Simulator, Iris van der Meule, Netherlands
Produced by: Studio Biarritz

The Mask Maker and the Tree, Abner Preis, Netherlands
Produced by: Institute of Time

IFFR Pro Darkroom

Disco Afrika, dir. Luck Razanajaona, France, Madagascar, South Africa
Produced by: We Film (France)

Floating with Spirits (VR), dir. Juanita Onzaga, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands
Produced by: Cassette for timescapes (Belgium), Tarantula (Luxembourg), Studio Biarritz (Netherlands)

Holy Electricity, dir. Tato Kotetishvili, Georgia
Produced by: Zango Film (Georgia)

The Intrusion, dir. Flora Dias, Juruna Mallon, Brazil. 
Produced by: Lira Cinematográfica and Enquadramento Produções (Brazil)

The Umesh Chronicles, dir. Pooja Kaul, India
Produced by: Rising Sun Films (India)

When We Lost to the Germans, dir. Guido van Driel, Netherlands, Belgium
Produced by: Family Affair Films (Netherlands)

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