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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Vivian Ostrovsky

Vivian OSTROVSKY (1945, USA) was born in New York, grew up in Rio de Janeiro and studied in Paris, where she still lives. Her films have been shown at festivals and museums around the world and she continues to be an active and vital experimental filmmaker. Ostrovsky is also a programmer with the Jerusalem Film Festival. Alongside filmmaking and programming, Ostrovsky makes installation works, sound pieces and has authored a children’s book with her sister and illustrator, Rose Ostrovsky.


Top Ten Designers in Paris (1980, doc, co-dir), Movie (V.O.) (1982, short), Copacabana Beach (1983, short), Allers-venues (1984, short), U.S.S.A. (1985, short), * * * (Trois etoiles) (1987, short), Eat (1988, short), M.M. In Motion (1992, short), Uta Makura/Pillow Poems (1995, short), Public Domain (1996, short), American International Pictures (1997, short), Work and Progress (1999, co-dir), Nikita Kino (2002, short), Ice/Sea (2005, short), Telepattes (2007, short), Fone Fur Follies (2008, short), Ne pas sonner (2008, short), The title was shot (2009, short), Tatitude (2009, short), P.W. – PINCÉIS E PAINÉIS/P.W. – Paintbrushes and Panels (2010, short), Ocean Bazar (2011, instal), Wherever was never there (2011, short), SPLASH (2013, instal), CORrespondência e REcorDAÇÕES (2013, short), LOSING THE THREAD (2014, short), On Dizziness (2016, instal), But elsewhere is always better (2016, short), DizzyMess (2017, short), Hiatus (2018, short), Unsound (2019, short)

More Info: Vivian Ostrovsky and Wikipedia, Vivian Ostrovsky

Vivian Ostrovsky at IFFR

  • USSA

    Diaristic images of USA and USSR are inventively juxtaposed to stress not differences but similarities.

    • Short & Mid-length
  • Work and Progress

    Beautiful split-screen film about Russian buildings and spaces with fragments from early Soviet films.

    • main programme short
  • American International Pictures

    Screened in 16mm, this experimental travelogue is quintessentially Vivian Ostrovsky, exploring themes of transit and movement in a dreamy style.

    • Bright Future Short
  • Uta Makura

    Cinematic notes about Japan following the diary of a female courtier.

    • main programme short
  • Ice/Sea

    Playful collage of sea, sun and ice, with suicidal skiers, soaking tigers and diving mermaids.

    • Short!
  • Public Domain

    Experimental investigation of public space.

    • main programme short
  • Ne pas sonner

    Cell phone short raises the question: Can Alain Delon and Monica Vitti retain their magical aura on low resolution?

    • Spectrum Shorts