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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Laure Prouvost

Artist and filmmaker Laure PROUVOST (1978, France) lives and works in Antwerp and London. She was educated at Central St. Martins College of Arts and gained an MFA from Goldsmith College. In 2009, she completed the LUX Associate Artists Programme. The concept of language and (mis)communication runs as a common thread through her video and sound works, objects and – often immersive, tactile – installations. Prouvost has received multiple awards, including the Turner Prize in 2013. In 2019, she represented France at the 58th International Art Biennial Venice.


(all short, selection) Just Me and You (2003), We’ll See (2003), For a Better Life (2005), Owt (2007), Strong Story (2008), Burrow Me (2009), Monolog (2009), It, Heat, Hit (2010), The Artist (2010), The Wanderer (2012), The Wanderer Returns (2012), Wantee (2013), Swallow (2013), Grandma’s Dream (2013), After After the End (2014), How to Make Money Religiously (2014), We Will Go Far (2105), Into All That Is Here (2015), If It Was (2015), Lick In the Past (2016), DIT LEARN (2018), They Parlaient Idéale (2019)

Laure Prouvost at IFFR

  • Grandma’s Dream

    A rosy vision of teapots, carpets and dancing where we’re asked to draw the dots, add our own associations and powerfully complete the meaning for our

    • Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
  • Wantee

    Lessons in representation, reflections on the art-heritage industry and freewheeling storytelling, all washed down with an obligatory cup of tea.

    • Spectrum Shorts

    Together with Art Rotterdam, IFFR is presenting DIT LEARN (2018) by Laure Prouvost in a viewing module in the main hall of Rotterdam Central Station.

  • They Parlaient Idéale

    A quirky cast of intergenerational performers embark on a road trip through France, embodying a utopian possibility of a communal society.

    • Ammodo Tiger Short Competition
  • Into All That Is Here

    Something crawls through the earth’s slimy darkness and explodes in a riot of colour, images and sensations full of humour, passion and lus

    • Tiger Competition for Short Films
  • If It Was

    A proposal for what a museum could be: kissed floors and massaged walls, a Zumba class in the entrance hall, birds flying in and a huge breast sprayin

    • Bright Future Short
  • After After the End

    Laure Prouvost’s mastery of her medium reigns supreme with a Kafkaesque trial of cinema’s narrative devices and techniques.

    • As Long As It Takes: Short
  • It, Heat, Hit

    A riot of ‘blink and you’ll miss ’em’ edits and improbable juxtapositions. Meanings are slippery, familial relations unclear, but Laure’s in complete

    • Rotterdam Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
  • Monolog

    Prouvost parodies her own role as a director while turning the viewer’s attention to the ‘studio’ room.

    • Break Even Store
    • Signals - RE: Reloaded

    Like a fast-paced word game, images, words and sensations are jumbled together, urging us to rediscover the joy of learning language and meaning.

    • Bright Future Short