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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Edward Luyken

Edward Luyken at IFFR

  • Hembrug

    After the demolition of Amsterdam’s Hembrug, the film-maker collected railway sleepers to heat his studio. They inspired him to make his first three-dimensional work of art. As a result, he visited six open-air exhibitions of sculptures to document the with his camera From bridge to sculpture and back.

    • Master Homemovies
  • Tabula Rasa

    Ground in hard stone. Filmed on recalcitrant 16mm. Accompanied by uneasy music by the visual film maker himself.

    • Still 16
  • Quaestor

    The annual new chapter from the filmed diary of a sculptor.

    • main programme short
  • Grondverf

    Filmmaking as maintaining a diary: about small stones and saying goodbye.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Zeewier

    For more than 15 years, the visual artist Edward Luyken made a new short film every year. This time in close corporation with his sons Thomas and Luca

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Water-Compilatie

    Specially compiled collection of fragments from film diaries by artist/canoeist Luyken.

    • on the waterfront new films
  • Rettich

    A new episode from the film diaries of visual artist/film maker Edward Luyken. A free radical in heart and soul.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Seascape

    Film diary about the creation of a picture that was taken from the sea and dedicated to the sea after its completion.

    • on the waterfront new films
  • Dobra Voda

    The good water. And over the water from the far North, the stones have to come to help forget. For a dead woman.

    • main programme short