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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Christelle Lheureux

Christelle LHEUREUX (1972) is a French artist and filmmaker. She followed various art studies at French academies including in Picardy, Paris VIII and Le Fresnoy. Her work deals mostly with non-linear stories in between fiction and documentary, with screens, moving images and sounds often split. She has been creating video installations and films since 1997, and has collaborated with renowned artists Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Albert Serra, among others. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, biennials and contemporary art residencies in Europe and Asia and has won prizes at several film festivals.


(selection) Un film pour penser à d’autres (2000, short), Kuala (2001, short), Bingo Show (2002, short), A Carp Jumps in His Mind (2005, short), Ghost of Asia (2005, short, co-dir), Water Buffalo (2008, short), Non ricordo il titolo/I Forgot the Title (2008, short), Un sourire malicieux éclaire son visage/A Mischievous Smile Lights Up Her Face (2009), Toutes les montagnes se ressemblent/All Mountains Look Alike (2009, short, co-dir), La maladie blanche/The White Disease (2011, short), Le vent des ombres (2012), Madeleine et les deux Apaches (2014, short), La terre penche/Turning Tides (2015, short), 80 000 ans/80 000 Years Old (2020, short)

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Christelle Lheureux at IFFR

  • Ghost of Asia

    Ode to the spirit of life. Made in the framework of remembering the tsunami disaster. Young female Thai film maker lets children make a film with a sp

    • Short: Asian Hot Houses
  • 80 000 ans

    An archaeologist returns to Normandy for a dig. There all her doubts, thoughts and memories meld.

    • Ammodo Tiger Short Competition
  • Water Buffalo

    Evocative picture of today’s Vietnam. The country that is modernising rapidly, but has too much past to lose sight of it entirely.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • La maladie blanche

    A night-time party in a mountain village in France; a reflection on the essence of our existence and a monster that preys on girls.

    • Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films