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Zhou Tao

Zhou Tao at IFFR

  • The Worldly Cave

    Zhou Tao directs his gaze at diasporic communities of Hakka people, finding them within otherworldly, vast landscapes. Stunning images transport us to

    • Ammodo Tiger Short Competition
  • 1234

    In this playful collage that critiques the militarisation of the workplace, Chinese workers are shown shouting out their assigned number during group

    • Deep Focus Short
  • Chicken Speak to Duck, Pig Speak to Dog

    Taking its title from a Chinese proverb, this two-channel video observes men up a tree imitating animal sounds, bringing an ancient custom to an urban

    • Deep Focus Short
  • After Reality

    In this soothingly sedated work, dragon-boat rowers train in heavily vegetated areas of the city. We are transported between seasons and continents wi

    • Deep Focus Short
  • Time in New York

    In a performance that renders time visible and tangible, Zhou Tao traces his own movements around his apartment with string hooked to his back.

    • Deep Focus Short
  • Blue and Red

    Shot in Guangzhou and Bangkok, this quietly captivating video considers the role of public squares as we watch gathered crowds bathed in artificial ne

    • Deep Focus Short