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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Rosa Barba

Rosa BARBA (1972, Italy) was educated in theatre and film in Germany, first in Erlangen and then at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. She has been expanding her knowledge actively since, through residencies and a doctorate. Barba’s body of work consists of films, installations, performances and publications. Her film works are situated between experimental documentary and fictional narrative, and often focus on film’s materiality, composition, natural landscapes and man-made interventions in the environment. She has received multiple awards and exhibits in galleries and museums in Europe and beyond. For IFFR 2021, Barba created the performance installation Voice Engine.


(selection) Cinorama (2000, instal), Panzano (2000, short), Pirate Spaces (2002, instal), Split Fields (2003, instal), Floating Moons (2003, instal), Machine Vision Seekers (2004, instal), Parachutable (2004, instal), It’s Gonna Happen (2005, short), Erased Note (2006, short), Outwardly from Earth’s Center (2006, short), Waiting Grounds 1/3 (2007, instal), Western Round Table 1/3 (2007, instal), They Shine (2007, short), Empirical Effect (2010, short), Bending to Earth (2015, short), From Source to Poem (2016, short), Disseminate and Hold (2016, short), Enigmatic Whisper (2017, short), Aggregate States of Matters (2019, short), Voice Engine (2021, performance)

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Rosa Barba at IFFR

  • Outwardly from Earth’s Center

    In this film, we see how the inhabitants battle for their lives when it becomes apparent that their island is being swallowed up by the forces of natu

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Panzano

    The makers have investugated an ‘almost’ normal family to see what schizophrenia looks like in everyday life.

    • main programme short
  • They Shine

    The Mojave desert. Endless rows of solar mirrors slowly revolve, reflecting their surroundings. A voice recounts local stories.

    • Signals: Size Matters
  • Aggregate States of Matters

    Rosa Barba shows the slow disappearance of a glacier and its effect on the Quechuan population in the Andes of Peru.

    • Ammodo Tiger Short Competition
  • From Source to Poem

    Artistic take on the world’s largest archive of audio cassettes, wax discs, vinyl, television, film, video and hard disks. What will the fu

    • Tiger Competition for Short Films
  • Disseminate and Hold

    Disseminate and Hold tracks the Minhocão, or ‘giant earthworm’: an elevated highway in São Paulo. It subtly connects Brazil’s ambi

    • Bright Future Short
  • Bending to Earth

    Aerial shots survey what appears to be a dystopian future, revealed as man-made storage sites for radioactive waste in Rosa Barba’s atmospheric 35mm f

    • Bright Future
    • Bright Future Short
  • Machine Vision Seekers

    Kinetic film installation projects script instead of film. To be seen in TENT.

    • Sound Check installaties
  • Mouse on Mars

    ‘Electro-kraut-dub-grind’ by innovative techno Germany band that already draws big crowd in England and performs with the germany artist Rosa Barba wh

    • exploding cinema
  • Empirical Effect

    Lyrical portrait of Vesuvius and the inhabitants of the Red Zone. Measurements, maps and aerial shots try to capture what in fact is always uncertain.

    • Tiger Awards Short Film Competition