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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Mark Toscano

Mark Toscano at IFFR

  • Releasing Human Energies

    A film about control. A surreptitious critique of capitalism in the guise of an instructional film narrated by film artist Morgan Fisher.

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Sangre de Cristo

    Visions, Comanche chiefs, counterculture refugees and conquistadors are intertwined in this compelling archaeology of the Southern Colorado mountains.

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Bondage Girl

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. (Mark Toscano) Drugs are bad. (Chris Langdon)

    • Signals: Regained
  • — ——

    A documentary revolutionary in its unconventionality, which, as a result, captures more about its subject (rock ‘n roll), and more vividly and emotion

    • Signals: Regained
  • Dead Reckoning

    A hand-held shot of a cross in the desert is reframed via optical printing, translating its pictorial movements to explicitly cinematic ones in a subt

    • Signals: Regained
  • Venusville

    The two filmmakers had a bet: how easily can you tell the difference between a moving image of a still object, and a freeze frame of the same? Pretty

    • Signals: Regained
  • Documentary Footage

    Morgan Fisher’s rarely seen early masterwork, in which an artist’s model gives an endlessly nuanced performance of self-investigation.

    • Signals: Regained
  • Throbs

    Fred Worden’s earliest extant film is a moving, celebratory collage of epiphanous moments constructed on an optical printer with an unusual grace and

    • Signals: Regained
  • Death of the Gorilla

    Peter Mays achieved these hypnotically dense and hallucinatory in-camera super-impositions shooting off the TV with colour filters, then edited the ma

    • Signals: Regained
  • Venice Pier

    A breathtaking and achingly humble film in which a year’s worth of non-chronological imagery shot down the entire length of Venice Pier is presented,

    • Signals: Regained