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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Leslie Thornton

Leslie Thornton at IFFR

  • Sahara Mojave

    A little trip to Hollywood via North Africa, circa 1900.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • The Expiration

    Peggy and Fred and a rectangle from hell.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Chimp for Normal Short

    A statement on the course of civilisation made by studying a monkey at the wheel.

    • Ex Voto: Mapping the Heart
  • Paradise Crushed

    The ‘last’ episode of Thornton’s ongoing science fiction serial Peggy and Fred in Hell encapsulates our history from the Industrial Revolution to the End of the World. It is a kind of perpetuum mobile, a self organising generative machine.

    • exploding cinema
  • Cut from Liquid to Snake

    From a phone recording made during the Trump election campaign to an eyewitness account of the bombing of Hiroshima: how to articulate an awareness of

    • Regained
  • Let me Count the Ways

    Another instalment in the never-ending saga of Peggy and Fred in Hell, a project that Thornton continues to elaborate upon since more than a decade. In this ‘prequel’, she gives away the most explicitly historical and, at the same time, the most personal contextualisation of the whole apocalyptic project: America’s construction of the atom bomb.

    • exploding cinema
  • They Were Just People: an Excerpt

    Two circles, twice the same image: a restless pool of simmering tar. The soundtrack also evokes hellish associations: an eyewitness report of atom bom

    • Deep Focus
    • Regained
  • Philosopher’s Walk on the Sublime

    During a serious mountain hike, a group of intellectuals debate the concept of the sublime. When words fail, the camera comes to the rescue.

    • NHOW
    • Signals: 24/7