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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Jacopo Quadri

Jacopo Quadri at IFFR

  • Ieri

    Attractive portrait of two lovers who have two realign their political position after an attack.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Seventeen Years

    During a quarrel, Taolin accidentally kills her stepsister and spends seventeen years in prison. A tragedy about growing up within a divided family an

    • main programme features
  • Birdwatchers

    A group of Indians in Brazil feels unhappy in a reservation. They decide to move out to the land of their forefathers. Formally it’s no longer theirs,

    • Spectrum
  • Dada’s Dance

    Zhang Yuan, once a leader of the Chinese sixth generation with Beijing Bastards, here films in a sultry and dynamic way the quest by the idiosyncratic

    • Spectrum
  • Un posto al mondo

    Impressive documentary about the world-wide refugee problem. With newsreel footage that has never been seen before from the archives of Italian televi

    • on the waterfront new films
  • Esperando al Mesias

    The paths of two Argentinians cross, two diagonally opposed characters from a different mini-universe of the metropolis Buenos Aires. One wants anothe

    • Hubert Bals Fund
  • Marisa

    Found footage-film about children, expectations and sunny uncomplicated pleasure.

    • main programme short
  • Io e te

    The great Bernardo Bertolucci (Novecento, The Last Emperor) made a small film largely set in a basement. There, the fierce, young adolescent Lorenzo i

    • Curacao
    • Spectrum
  • Sacro GRA

    Impressionistic mosaic showing the very diverse Romans who live and work along the ring road (the GRA) around the eternal city. Fascinating, stimulati

    • Signals: Grand Tour
  • Piccola patria

    Superb fiction debut from an experienced documentary maker shows a small community in northern Italy, where city and countryside merge, like a patchwo

    • Spectrum