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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Ho Yuhang

Ho Yuhang at IFFR

  • Rain Dogs

    A kid goes to the big city and comes back disillusioned. Ho Yuhang, whose last film was in the Tiger Competition, understands the art of turning such

    • Cinema of the Future: Sturm und Drang
  • Love Conquers All

    Sensitive and unspoken mood sketch of the inner world of a young woman who falls into the hands of a big-city lover who turns out to be a pimp in Kual

    • VPRO Tiger Awards Competition
  • As I Lay Dying

    A feverish dream of a young boy. Played by the young talent (Wong Zi Jiang) who can also be admired in the competition film Flower in the Pocket.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Trespassed

    A girl who misses her father slowly becomes entirely possessed by grief. It seems as if an outside force has taken control of her emotions.

    • Voices
    • Voices Short
  • Sanctuary

    Tranquil, realistic drama about alienation, identity and loneliness in Malaysia that is imprisoned between tradition and modern life. Lai sells toy ri

    • Tiger Competition
  • Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology

    Four-part film emerging from an inventive cooperation between a commercial client and several young independent film makers. They don’t make commercia

    • S.E.A.Eyes
  • Famous Last Words

    You don’t need much for an entertaining film other than a sense of humour. And the ability to lie straight-faced. That too.

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • No One Is Illegal

    Indonesia and Malaysia are sometimes at odds with one another. There are even people gunning for war. Humour solves this type of idiocy and led the fi

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • At the End of Daybreak

    TV news report about two murdered girls form the source of inspiration for this crime drama by Ho Yuhang, who has previously been to Rotterdam with Sa

    • Spectrum
  • 15Malaysia

    Project of fifteen short films, made by the new generation of Malaysian film makers. In a couple of minutes, they posit their vision of today’s Malays

    • Bright Future