Love Conquers All

  • 90'
  • Malaysia
  • 2006
Ah Peng is a Chinese-Malay girl from Penang. She comes to the capital Kuala Lumpur to work in the simple food stall run by her aunt. At first she doesn't seem to have time for the joys and dangers of the big city. She doesn't go looking for them either. She allows her new life to come at her the way it comes. And the way it comes is not always the way you want.
The role of Ah Peng is played by debutante Coral Ong Li Whei. The candour of the young actress matches wonderfully the way in which Ah Peng faces up to the unexpectedly harsh life of the capital. Ah Peng starts a beautiful friendship with her younger cousin Mei. They become like sisters. Mei maintains a secret correspondence with an unknown pen pal. It looks like a playful announcement of what is awaiting Ah Peng: a love that is not what it seems and is not what it should be.
Soon after her arrival in the city, Ah Peng is noticed and followed by John. The fact that she has a boyfriend in Penang does not stop him from pursuing his fairly aggressive advances. Ah Peng doesn't really resist, nor for very long. Even when John unashamedly explains to her how a pimp works, she seems deaf to any warning. And equally imperturbably, with a minimal use of means, the film follows Ah Peng's fate. (SdH)

Tan Chui Mui
European premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2007
Betacam Digi PAL
Amir Muhammad
Production Company
Da Huang Pictures
Da Huang Pictures
Tan Chui Mui
James Lee
Ho Yuhang
Production Design
Yee Low Chia
Coral Ong Li Whei, Stephen Chuah