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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Aura Satz

Aura Satz at IFFR

  • Soundfigures

    Visual artist Satz often concentrates on sound and acoustics. Her recent video-works all share a media-archeological approach. Old musical automata fa

    • Signals: Sound Stages
  • Her Luminous Distance

    This installation oscillates between archival images of stars, craters on the moon and under-recognised women scientists in space stations.

    • Blackout
  • Doorway for Natalie Kalmus

    Close-ups of a technicolour instrument in a laboratory build up to form a kaleidoscopic ballet. Abstract flashes of light lead to a mystic experience.

    • Signals: Regained
  • Joan the Woman – With Voice

    Cecil B. DeMille’s 1916 portrait of Jeanne D’Arc is revisited for its special colouring technique when the martyr is seen burning at the stake. This t

    • Signals: Regained
  • Little Doorways to Paths Not Yet Taken

    An intimate exploration of a studio, cluttered with all sorts of technological paraphernalia, presents an indirect portrait of the composer Laurie Spi

    • Nuts & Bolts
  • Ain’t Got No Fear

    Together with a group of lads from no man’s land, Mikhail Karikis created a video in which they passionately sing about their lot.

    • Voices Short
  • Between the Bullet and the Hole

    During World War II, it was mainly women who, as human computers, made calculations for ballistic tests and early computers.

    • Deep Focus
    • Regained
  • Dial Tone Drone

    Approaching the typical dial tone of a telephone as a form of drone music, Aura Satz invests a moment of non-communication with new meaning.

    • Signals: 24/7
  • Chromatic Aberration

    A mesmerizing study of details in early colour film, using the human eye as a point of reference. With a soundtrack by Scanner.

    • Signals: Regained
  • Entangled Nightvisions

    Philosopher Johnny Golding ruminates on a formative childhood experience, when her father brought home an early prototype of night vision he was worki

    • Bright Future Short