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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Anouk De Clercq

Anouk De Clercq at IFFR

  • Portal

    Portal] unfolds a comforting space where you can drop your guard: a rhythmic, geometric space built of shapes and sounds whispering; here you are never alone.

    • exploding cinema
  • Petit palais

    A music video in two movements, arranged as a contemplation clip that compares the velocity of images to that of thoughts. Made for fashion designer Bruno Pieters as part of the presentation of a collection.

    • exploding cinema
  • Swan Song

    The swan is completely silent during its lifetime, until the moment just before death, when it sings one dazzling song. What song does a pixel sing be

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Thing

    An architect travels through his virtual memory to a boundless imaginary space. An unreliable, yet beautiful reality.

    • Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
  • Here

    A landscape in soft, sensual grey, made with 3-D techniques; a rhythmic, geometric space made up of forms and sounds and presented in Cinemascope form

    • short films
  • Building

    Beautifully made 3-D animation about the architecture of the Concertgebouw in Bruges.

    • short films
  • Black

    At the cinema, auditorium and screen are unified in a boundless space when the lights go off. A simultaneously personal and collective experience.

    • As Long As It Takes: Short
  • Me+

    A single white cross on a blank black surface. The slow movements of this cross seem to delineate some figure. But it is the off-screen voice that has the most suggestive effect on the viewer’s imagination. A self-portrait in motion graphics with sound design by Anton Aeki. The text is written and whispered by Anouk […]

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check
  • Kernwasser Wunderland

    Kernwasser Wunderland opens up a biotope subject to specific laws and its own ecology, filled according to the intuitive logic of the unconscious and the imaginary. The brooding emptiness inspires reflection on nature and technology, in a fusion of sensual sound and image of both digital and natural worlds.

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check
  • Motion for Stockhausen

    The physical movements of hysterical patients are carefully reframed in a dignifying way.

    • What (is) Cinema?