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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025


Anouk De Clercq | Belgium | 2004 | 5' | | IFFR 2005

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  • Transfixed

    Bridging the gap between past and present, a series of thought pictures transcribe moments of cautionary pleasure submerged in undulating illusions of liquefied light and shadow.

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check
  • Warning: Petroleum Pipeline

    A photo and video collage in black and white computer animation. A desolate desert landscape is slowly transforming into a futuristic industrialized world. Indefinable machines are branching off into more complex mechanisms, which are producing an industrial soundtrack while moving rhythmically.

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check
  • Kilvo

    A remote, barren, almost unfriendly landscape: Kilvo in Lapland was the inspiration for Radian’s music, and even the accompanying visuals by Michaela Grill play with the bare countryside’s resistance to its depiction. A fourfold split screen shows views of this place in a kaleidoscope of animated digital postcards.

    • exploding cinema - Sound Check