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Programme IFFR 2002

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Trinity is an installation on a grand scale being prepared at the ZKM (media art school) in Karlsruhe that, in its final form, will comprise 10 projection screens and a special architectural space. The summary shown here, a kind of preview, consists of a sampling of images for a single screen. This concentrated choice provides an impression of the painterly quality of the images that came about by processing and manipulating a short shot (of one minute and 20 seconds) several times in a complex way on the advanced computers in Karlsruhe. The expression painterly quality can be taken fairly literally here: the images are often purely abstract and can only be compared with the famous works of the historic abstract Expressionists. The completed final work will be on show in Karlsruhe in the autumn of 2002.

Jon Jost
  • 35'

  • Italy

IFFR 2002

World premiere