Flo Rounds a Corner

  • 6'
  • USA
  • 1999
The cast is in flux - the animate and the inanimate get double billed with that dynamic duo - Push and Pull. If matter has consciousness and has renounced movement as Henri Bergson suggests in order to conserve energy, then here we have a dramatic apostasy. A broken vow of stasis, a flood of energy. What beautiful instability and pulsation - a floating world off a hinge drawn through invisible bellows, exhaled, exultant. Figure and ground (such a quaint term for what we really see) do a slow motion see saw on shifting tectonic plates. Fold into Cézanne - like origami. If this dance weren't so meticulous, so slow, so molecular, it would describe a calamity. But in fact this happens everyday, every moment in the blink of an eye. Tilts with perfect pitch. The eponymous Flo moves slanted and enchanted down a street in Taormina, Italy - as casual, momentous and as `on time' as the Arrival of the Train At Ciotat that rounded the corner of another century. A landmark work. (M.M.)
Ken Jacobs
World premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2001
Betacam SP PAL
Ken Jacobs
Ken Jacobs