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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025


CineMart is IFFR Pro’s co-production market, where a carefully curated lineup of projects in development are presented to international industry representatives. Bold independent feature film projects are launched onto the market, along with select immersive media projects. Together they receive vital mentorship and networking opportunities, finding the right connections to bring their projects to reality.

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The deadline to submit your project to CineMart 2025 is 1 September.

About CineMart

Each year, CineMart invites a select number of filmmakers and producers to present their projects to co-producers, funds, sales agents, distributors and other potential financiers.

CineMart was the first platform of its kind to offer filmmakers the opportunity to launch their ideas to the international film industry and to find the right connections to bring their projects to reality.

The 42nd edition of CineMart will take place during the 54th International Film Festival Rotterdam (30 January to 9 February 2025).

  • Editorial line

    CineMart is known for its highly curated editorial line of distinct projects in story and form. We present projects by independent directors and producers, ensuring there is a wide variety by presenting smaller, more vulnerable work alongside films by established teams with higher budgets. The CineMart selection reflects the overall editorial line of the programme of IFFR.

    The full selection should form a balance of distinct voices where each project can uniquely shine, featuring different subjects and cinematic styles, with debut features to established filmmakers, from fiction to hybrid and experimental works, in a balance of gender and representation (of everyone in the project involved). In 2024, the lineup included stop-motion animation, a biopic, thrillers, car chases and immersive media.

  • Immersive media

    Immersive media projects are a fully integrated part of the market. In 2024, four immersive projects were presented in the lineup. A number of these were curated together with Impulse at VRDays Europe and the Immersive Tech Week.

  • Connecting projects and industry

    Selected projects work together with experienced experts – who have the role as mentors throughout – to assess what the project precisely needs, so we can provide tailored support to get the most out of the market experience. Guests and projects alike can indicate with who they want to meet, and whether you join us as a project team or guest, you will be provided with a tailored schedule. Our aim is to have a strong focus on finding the right creative and financial partners and fostering lasting connections.

  • Join us

    CineMart is a by-invitation-only market. We carefully review the guestlist each year in order to ensure that the attending industry representatives can contribute and possibly commit to the projects in the CineMart selection. CineMart delegates are co-producers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and potential financiers. CineMart badge holders can request meetings with all presented projects.

Past CineMart editions

  • CineMart selection 2024

    Alumbre, dir. Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf, Spain
    Produced by: Zeitun Films

    Another Journey without Women, dir. Illum Jacobi, Denmark
    Produced by: Adomeit Film

    Bad Gays, dir. Loïc Hobi, Switzerland
    Produced by: Cloud Fog Haze Pictures

    Cherub, dir. Barbara Rupik, Poland
    Produced by: Madants

    Cloud of the Unknown, dir. Yuan Gao, Hong Kong, France
    Produced by: Chinese Shadows, Shasha & Co Production

    Les Diplomates, dir. Andreas Fontana, Switzerland, United Kingdom
    Produced by: Alina Film

    A Distant House Smokes on the Horizon, dir. Shengze Zhu, China, United States
    Produced by: Burn The Film

    Fathoming, dir. Sara Tirelli, Italy
    Produced by: dispàrte

    The Great Escape (of three geraniums), dir. Joren Vandenbroucke, Belgium
    Produced by: Animal Tank

    La gruta del viento, dir. Eduardo Crespo, Argentina
    Produced by: Pensar con las manos

    Hold Time for Me, dir. Fradique, Angola, Germany, Spain
    Produced by: SEERA Films, Uika Films, Migranta Films

    Lucia, dir. Aisling Walsh, Ireland, Luxembourg
    Produced by: EZ Films, JKML, Calach Films

    The March, dir. Frieda Gustavs & Leo Erken, Netherlands, Ukraine
    Produced by: NL12

    La Nuit, dir. Beatrice Gibson, United Kingdom, France
    Produced by: Somesuch, Norte Productions

    Other People’s Dreams, dir. Daniel Hui, Singapore
    Produced by: Momo Film Co, 13 Little Pictures

    The Possessed, dir. Ena Sendijarević, Netherlands
    Produced by: Aventura

    Skarpnabba, dir. Sawandi Groskind, Finland
    Produced by: Kenno Filmi Osk

    The Spirit of Law, dir. Natalia Meta, Argentina
    Produced by: Picnic Producciones, Rei Pictures

    The Sunflowers of the Moon, dir. ismaël, Tunisia
    Produced by: Utopia Films

    The World Came Flooding In, dir. Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine, Australia
    Produced by: Film Camp

    Read more about the selection here.

  • CineMart selection 2023

    108 Days, Lucky Kuswandi, Indonesia
    Produced by: Palari Films

    7 P.M. on a Sunday, Sevgi Eker, Finland
    Produced by: Helsinki-filmi Oy

    Apetown, Kurt Orderson, South Africa
    Produced by: Apetown Productions, BuMP Films, Azania Rizing Productions, seriousFilm

    Boifriend, Jack Goessens, United Kingdom
    Produced by: Bombito Productions

    The Burning Giants, Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, Thailand
    Produced by: Diversion

    Brace Yourself, Thati Pele, South Africa, Netherlands
    Produced by: URUCU, BALDR Film

    Cerro Corá, Francisco Márquez, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
    Produced by: Pensar con las manos, Tekoha, Terceira Margem, Multiverso

    Consider Vera, Marina Stepanska, Ukraine
    Produced by: ESSE Production House

    Eldorado, Alaa Eddine Aljem, Morocco, France
    Produced by: Le Moindre Geste, In Vivo Films

    Eyes Closed, Jenneke Boeijink, Netherlands
    Produced by: BIND

    Grushka, Marta Parlatore, Netherlands, Belgium
    Produced by: Volya Films, A Private View

    Las tierras que te buscan, Juanita Onzaga, Colombia
    Produced by: Marginal Cine

    Little War, Barbara Sarasola-Day, Argentina
    Produced by: Pucará Cine

    The Poison Cat, Tian Guan, China
    Produced by: Beijing Guanyu Film

    Redoubt, John Skoog, Sweden
    Produced by: Plattform Produktion, BCD Film

    Remanso, Pablo Lamar, Paraguay, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina
    Produced by: Sapukai Cine, Sabaté Films, Sancho Filmes, Revolver Amsterdam, Fortuna Films, Tarea Fina.

    Słońce, Anna Zamecka, Poland
    Produced by: Madants

    The Surrogate, Ali Jaberansari, Mexico, United Kingdom
    Produced by: The Lift, Here & There Productions

    Testa o Croce?, Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis, Italy, France
    Produced by: Ring Film, Shellac Sud

    When the Kids Sing the Hits, Mina Djukic, Serbia, Montenegro
    Produced by: Sense Production, Adriatic Western


    369, Ananda Safo, France
    Produced by: TEN2TEN Films

    Ancestors, Hanna Haaslahti, Finland, Germany
    Produced by: Fantomatico, Poike Production, High Road Stories

    Anti-Muse, Baloji, Belgium
    Produced by: Amok, Wrong Men

    Gay Simulator, Iris van der Meule, Netherlands
    Produced by: Studio Biarritz

    The Mask Maker and the Tree, Abner Preis, Netherlands
    Produced by: Institute of Time

    Read more about the selection here.

  • CineMart selection 2022

    The Beautiful Normal, Flora Lau, Hong Kong/China

    Black Dust, Kit Hui, United Kingdom

    Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry, Elene Naveriani, Switzerland/Georgia/Germany

    Carissa, Jason Jacobs, Devon Delmar, South Africa/Netherlands

    Deaf Love 1500, Grace Passô , Brazil

    Leave the Door Open, Judita Gamulin, Croatia

    Life Ahead, Olivier Meys, Belgium/France

    Love #NoFilter, Mikael Bundsen, Sweden

    Love on Trial, Koji Fukada, Japan/France

    Mother of Gold, Madiano Marcheti, Brazil

    The Outside, Víctor Moreno, Spain

    Prince Aden, Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio, Italy

    Solo tengo sed, Matt Porterfield, Mexico

    Sorella di Clausura, Ivana Mladenovic, Serbia/Romania

    Tres noches negras, Théo Court, Chile/Spain

    The Yellow Dot, David Tancred Lammers, Netherlands


    Alternates (Bergantian), Jonathan Hagard, Indonesia/Japan/Germany

    Confident, Jérôme Blanquet, Bertrand Jeandel, France

    Duchampiana VR, Lilian Hess, France/Germany

    Echo Blast, Natalia Cabrera, Chile

    Future Rites, Sandra Rodriguez, Alexander Whitley, Canada/UK


    Becoming Dubois, Joost van Hezik, Netherlands

    Canciones perdidas de reinos distantes, Kiro Russo, Bolivia/France

    A Chronicle From Nagorno-Karabakh, Ibrahim Kataray, Netherlands

    Flat Girls, Jirassaya Wongsutin, Thailand/Singapore

    Nightsong, Maya Da-Rin, Brazil

    The Right Answer, Mariia Ponomarova, Netherlands

    A Winner is Seen At The Start, Zhannat Alshanova, Kazakhstan/France

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