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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Anisia Uzeyman

Anisia UZEYMAN, real name Anisziya UWIZEYIMANA, (1975, Rwanda) is an actor, playwright, stage director, and film director. She studied Drama at the Superior School of Theater in France. As an actor, Uzeyman starred in the award-winning films Tey (2012) by Alain Gomis and Ayiti, Mon Amour (2016) by Guetty Felin. Her experimental debut film, Dreamstates, premiered in 2016 at the New York African Film Festival and was shot entirely on Iphone. She has written and directed four plays, including Immaculate and HOW/Particle (at La Générale de Paris). Uzeyman has also directed music videos for Sons Of An Illustrious Father, Saul Williams and Mehdi Cayenne. In 2021, she co-directed the sci-fi punk musical Neptune Frost with partner Saul Williams, which premiered in Cannes at Directors’ Fortnight.


Dreamstates (2016), Neptune Frost (2021, co-dir)

More info: Wikipedia, Anisia Uzeyman

Anisia Uzeyman op IFFR

  • Neptune Frost

    Actuele punkmusical met Afrofuturistische inslag. Weggelopen mijnwerkers stichten een hackersgemeenschap in Burundi.

    • Harbour
  • Neptune Frost


Beschikbaar op Festival Scope Pro van 26 januari 9:00 uur CET tot 14 februari 9:00 uur CET

    • Harbour