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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Yves Netzhammer

Yves NETZHAMMER (1970, Switzerland) graduated from Zurich University of the Arts and has worked with video installations, slide projections, drawings and objects since 1997. In 2009, IFFR selected two of his short films, The Subjectivisation of Repetition, Project A (2007) and Furniture of Proportions (2008), as well as the installation Young Branches Imitate Old Antlers and Old Antlers Young Branches (1999). He has had several solo exhibitions at various art spaces worldwide including FOSUN Foundation Shanghai, SFMOMA San Francisco and Venice Biennale Swiss Pavilion.


Junge Äste ahmen alte Geweihe nach und alte Geweihe junge Äste/Young Branches Imitate Old Antlers and Old Antlers Young Branches (1999, instal), Die umgekehrte Rüstung/The Inverse Armory (2002, short), Subjektivierung der Wiederholung, Projekt A/The Subjectivisation of Repetition, Project A (2007, instal), Die Möbel der Proportionen/Furniture of Proportions (2008, short), Adressen unmöglicher Orte/Adresses of Impossible Places (2009, short), Dialogischer Abrieb/Dialogical Abrasion (2010, short), Vororte der Körper/Peripheries of Bodies (2012, short), Formales Gewissen/Formal Conscience (2013, short), Reise der Schatten/Journey of Shadows (2024)

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Yves Netzhammer at IFFR

  • Reise der Schatten

    A striking, free-form animation that questions the very nature of being and our lived experience.

    • Tiger Competition
  • Die Möbel der Proportionen

    The human race has imposed its superiority on other animals and plants. According to Netzhammer, things could quite easily be different. He shows us h

    • Bright Future: Tiger Awards Competition Short Films
  • Junge Äste ahmen alte Geweihe nach und alte Geweihe junge Äste

    An intriguing visual game with a tree and deer. One of the earlier works of Yves Netzhammer that are screened every day between 17.00 – 02.00 at CBK (

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • The Inverse Armory

    This installation investigates the theme of blood, both as psychological and physiological material. The very suggestive images raised doubts about th

    • Exploding Television
  • Die Subjektivierung der Wiederholung, Projekt A

    Meticulous animations subtly sketch several political and social situations. This work was previously the main work within the installation of the sam

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Formales Gewissen

    A series of rituals and cycles that make too much sense for comfort. A glacially stylised animation for an era of icons and logos.

    • Signals: Really? Really.