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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Xavier Veilhan

Xavier Veilhan at IFFR

  • Le Film du Japon

    This is Veilhan’s first film as such. He took advantge of the situation (a relative innocence and lightness of the production) to return to the first applications of cinema for both science and entertainment (Marey, Lumière, Méliès). As in his sculptural pieces, Veilhan likes to make up his work of little scenes, punctuated by combat […]

    • short films
  • Drumball

    Drumball is the animated continuation of fixed visions and images. Abstract, dynamic elements are combined with realistic scenes. Numerous visual effects are made during the shooting, rather than afterwards.The story remains open, which accentuates the absence of sound. The film is strictly visual and returns to those forms of optical cinema that existed before the […]

    • short films