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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Vinícius Lopes

Vinícius LOPES and Luciana Mazeto studied cinema at PUCRS in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. In 2012, they founded the southern Brazilian production company Pátio Vazio. They were coproducers for the Cine Esquema Novo film festival 2016 in Porto Alegre. Their work in short and feature films is mainly focused on historical and social research, constantly mixing fictional narratives and documentary essays.Pátio Vazio and cinéma copains, the film collective of filmmakers Arne Hector and Minze Tummescheit, first met in 2015. Supporting each other on various art and film projects, they spent many hours together in the darkroom, at the animation table and the copying machines of LaborBerlin, an independent artist-run filmlab in Berlin. urban solutions, part of the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition at IFFR 2022, is their first joint film project.


(all co-dir) Let Me Tell You About Noel (2010, short), Purge (2011, short), Berenice (2012, short), Three Mice (2013, short), Little Things (2014, short), Behind the Shadow (2015, short), Under the Door (2016, short), Antes do lembrar/Stone Engravings and the Three-Colored Chickenpox Tale (2018, short), Os olhos na mata e o gosto na água/The eyes in the woods and the taste in the water (2020, short doc), Irmã/Sisters in the end of the world (2020), urban solutions (2022, short)

More info: Pátio Vazio

Vinícius Lopes at IFFR

  • Antes do lembrar

    Antes do lembrar explores the act of telling and recounting stories around prehistorical places in Brazil and how man recreates the world around them.

    • Bright Future Short
  • urban solutions

    Life during the colonial period, and surveillance cameras in a residential building: a view of Brazil’s troubled past and complicated present.

    • Ammodo Tiger Short Competition