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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Ryan Cherewaty

Ryan CHEREWATY (Canada) is a media artist from Toronto currently based in Rotterdam. His works have been shown in places such as IFFR (Rotterdam), Sterischer Herbst (Graz), Interaccess (Toronto), EYE Filmmuseum (Amsterdam) and TENT (Rotterdam). He graduated cum laude from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) with a master’s degree in Lens-based Media. Working with animation, CGI and installation, he links techniques such as Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality to age-old mythological stories and rituals. By focusing on the elusive consciousness of humans and the contradiction between body and mind, Cherewaty wonders whether our use of today’s digital technology resembles the mystifying role of old religions.


Static Glow (2018, short), Memory of Death’s Dream (2020, short), Pharmakon (2022, short)

Ryan Cherewaty at IFFR

  • Pharmakon

    Myth of Persephone rebooted in a 3D-animated world. What is mortality in a virtual world?

    • RTM
  • This Time is Not the Place

    In this hallucinatory and dreamlike 360º environment, architectural forms, lights and sounds fold into one another.

    • Wait and See