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Roee Rosen

Roee ROSEN (1963, Israel) is an artist, filmmaker, writer and lecturer. He was educated at the art academy in New York. Rosen’s work is known for his multilayered and provocative work which often challenges the divides between history and the present, documentary and fiction, politics and erotica. Rosen dedicated years to his fictive feminine persona, the Jewish-Belgian Surrealist painter and pornographer Justine Frank, a project that entailed fabricating her entire oeuvre as a book and a short film, Two Women and a Man (2005). His installation Live and Die as Eva Braun (1995-1997), about the Holocaust, developed from a scandal into a groundbreaking work. Rosen’s short film Out (2010) was awarded the Orizzonti Award at the 67th Venice Film Festival. His latest film is a musical comedy combining fiction, animation and documentary element, titled Kafka for Kids (Tiger Competition IFFR 2022).


Dr. Cross, a Dialogue (1994, short), Live and Die as Eva Braun (1995-1997, instal), Editor: The Zionist Ventriloquist, a Compilation of Video Hits (2004, short), Two Women and a Man (2005, short), Confessions Coming Soon (2007, short), I Was Called Kuney-Lemel (2007, short), The Confessions of Roee Rosen (2008, short doc), Gagging During Confession: Names and Arms (2008, short), Hilarious (2010, short), Tse/Out (2010, short), The Buried Alive Videos (2013, short), The Dust Channel (2016, co-dir ), Marseille Jamilla (2020), Explaining the Law to Kwame (2020), Kafka for Kids (2022)

Roee Rosen at IFFR

  • The Buried Alive Videos

    A magical omnibus of posturing and illusion from a dysfunctional band of Soviet émigrés. Their hatred is democratic, their hatred is universal.

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Two Women and a Man

    Justine Frank was a Jewish Belgian painter and writer close to the Surrealists – an artist the world truly needed. Roee Rosen found her. Thank you!

    • Signals: Really? Really.
  • Out

    Hits you like a ton of bricks. A cross between a documentary, a horror-like fiction, an erotic spectacle and a political reflection.

    • Rotterdam Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
  • Kafka for Kids

    This colourful children’s TV parody by American-Israeli artist Roee Rosen is a surreal comedy for adults that questions rules, laws, and definitions.

    • Tiger Competition