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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Patrick Bouchitey

Patrick Bouchitey at IFFR

  • Flammes

    Souvenirs scattered in space, electronically transformed images of errant people.

    • from scratcch
  • Le canard à l’orange

    The film maker demonstrates his personal recipe.

    • main programme short
  • Les démons de Jésus

    Atmospheric and swinging settling up between one bunch of no-goods and another.

    • Tiger Competition
  • Le plein de super

    Lively road-movie who four men, hurt by their women, who head for the South of France.

    • alain cavalier retro
  • Lune froide

    A striking Bukowski film which more than does justice to the sensational melancholy of the world described with alcohol, sperm and blood.In this grim comedy, based on several short stories by Charles Bukowski, Simon (Jean-François Stevenin) and Dédé (played by producer, scriptwriter and director Patrick Bouchitey himself) are two tragi-comic adventurers who are liked by […]