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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Johannes Hammel

Johannes Hammel at IFFR

  • Abendmahl

    Home movie eaten away by time, in which the material is bleached in the same way as the memories of the events recorded.

    • Short: Starting from Scratch
  • K.aF.ka- fragment

    Fragments from the passionate exchange of letters between Franz Kafka and his beloved Felice, form the basis for a poetic associative, contemporary an

    • main programme features
  • Die Badenden

    Found and processed film about a couple in a swimming pool or film pool.

    • short films
  • Seekrankheit auf festen Lande

    Nice and inventice short that is now about seasickness, but is itself seasick.

    • main programme short
  • Sea Concrete Human

    Experimental sf-docu about the question of what is to be seen and told when people have disappeared from the earth.

    • main programme short
  • Die schwarze Sonne

    Die schwarze Sonne is based on a short story by Samuel R. Delany and is about a brief and impossible love affair between a woman tied to the earth and a space traveller especially created for work in outer space. The film looks as if it is based on a trick; it consists entirely of […]

    • main programme
  • Low Definition Control – Malfunctions #0

    In the name of safety, the most banal movements in public spaces are being watched. Before a wide screen of strikingly captivating black-and-white ima

    • Bright Future
  • Way of Passion

    Trapani, Sicily. Its inhabitants are preparing for the Good Friday procession that has taken place annually for 400 years. A swift and ubiquitous came

    • Spectrum
  • The Future Will Not Be Capitalist

    Gliding along the slender arches of a modernist highlight, we hear the users reminisce about the heyday of a political ideology.

    • Spectrum Shorts
  • Die totale Therapie

    A tragi-comic psycho-thriller. With Blixa Bargeld as demonic therapist.

    • Tiger Competition