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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Edgar Pêra

Edgar PÊRA (1960, Portugal) graduated in the early 1980s from the Film Academy in Lisbon and is now an established name in his country as an experimental filmmaker. Pêra has made countless documentaries, short films and features while also focusing on creating Internet productions, live shows and exhibitions. In 2019, IFFR honoured Pêra with a career-spanning retrospective at the festival. Pêra’s latest film Não Sou Nada will have its world premiere at IFFR 2023. 


(selection) Reproduta Interdita (1990, short), A Cidade de Cassiano (1991, short), Guerra ou Paz? (1992, short), SWK4 (1993, short), O Trabalho Liberta? (1993, short), Manual de Evasão/Manual of Evasion LX94 (1994), Os Túneis da Realidade (1996, short), Who Is the Master Who Makes the Grass Green? (1996, short), Zombietown 23 (1998, short), As Dezaventuras do Homem-Kâmara – Epizohdyus 111, 113 &115 (1998, short), 25 of April: An Adventure For Democracy (2000, doc), A Janela (Maryalva Mix) (2001), O Homem-Teatro/The Man-Theatre (2002), 88/Eight Eight (2001, TV), Guitarra (Com Gente Lá Dentro) (2003), És a Nossa Fé (2006, short), Impending Doom (2006, short), Movimentos Perpétuos: Cine-Tributo a Carlos Paredes (2007, short), Rio Turvo (2008), Crime Abismo Azul Remorso Físico (2009, short), Punk is not Daddy (2011), O Barão/The Baron (2011), Visões De Madredeus (2012), One Way or Another, Reflections of a Psycho Killer (2012, short), CineSapiens (2013, short), Lisbon Revisited (2014, doc), Virados do Avesso (2014), A Caverna (2015, short), Virados do Avesso (2015, TV Series), O Espectador Espantado/The Amazed Spectator (2016), Delírio em Las Vedras/Delirium in Las Vedras (2017), Mar Portuguez (2018, short), O Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta (2018), Caminhos Magnétykos (2018), Lovecraftland – Cine-Koncerto 3D (2019), Kinorama – Beyond the Walls of the Real (2021), Não Sou Nada/The Nothingness Club (2023)

More info: Edgar Pêra

Edgar Pêra at IFFR

  • Não Sou Nada – The Nothingness Club

    Edgar Pêra’s psychological thriller explores the demonically kaleidoscopic world of Portuguese modernist poet, Fernando Pessoa.

    • Big Screen Competition
  • Arquitectura de peso

    On the absurdities of a country riddled with economic crisis trying to look powerful and important by way of architectural grand-standing.

    • Edgar Pêra
  • The Baron

    A Dracula-esque nobleman reigns with terror over his fiefdom’s commoners. Horror meets musical comedy. Disquieting political allegory.

    • Edgar Pêra
  • O trabalho liberta?

    Since the Nazis infamously proclaimed at Auschwitz I that ‘Labour Liberates’, work has lost all positive values and notions. What now?

    • Edgar Pêra
  • SWK4

    A portrayal of Futurist writer Almada Negreiros without any cultural reservations. Provocative, in defense of lust, debauchery, frenetic daily experie

    • Edgar Pêra
  • Stadium (phantas-mix)

    Why does Braga’s Estádio Municipal evoke thoughts of Roman circuses and Estado Novo hubris? Is FIFA the Quinto Império realised?

    • Edgar Pêra
  • Mar Portuguez

    Portugal’s latest entry in the international sub-genre of fishing documentaries is set to Fernando Pessoa’s eponymous poem. Screens before

    • Edgar Pêra
  • Os túneis da realidade

    After the works of artist João Queiroz met the musings of neuro-philosopher Robert Anton Wilson, life will never look the same.

    • Edgar Pêra
  • O homem-pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta

    A multifaceted tribute to polymath Alberto Pimenta: poet, translator (Thomas Bernhard, among others), performer/performance artist, provocateur, porn

    • Edgar Pêra
  • A janela (Maryalva mix)

    One Don Juan – six actors; and his six lovers – one actress. Lots of strange things are happening along the Bica funicular. 

    • Edgar Pêra