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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

David Spanish

David SPANISH is a filmmaker and cinematographer. As director of photography, he has worked on multiple documentaries, among which Drama Girl (2020), which was part of the IFFR Tiger Competition 2020, Independent Boy (2017) and My First Porn Film (2016) by director Vincent Boy Kars. He also frequently collaborates with mint film office, a Rotterdam-based production company for documentary films, having worked on award-winning ‘Now something is slowly changing’ (2018), We Margiela (2017) and Fortuyn: Un Dutch (2022), which will be broadcast by KRO-NCRV. Hyena, a world premiere at IFFR 2022 as part of the RTM programme, is Spanish’s first short film as director, as well as the cinematographer, editor and sound designer of the film. Next to his work in film, Spanish has been making electronic music since the 1990s. Together with David Vunk, he is the other half of the record-breaking Im Kellar, an underground EBM Electro Techno Wave band from Rotterdam.


Hyena (2022, short)

David Spanish at IFFR

  • Hyena

    This one-man film is mildly absurd, alienating, and surreal. Directorial debut from cameraman David Spanish who played all the roles.

    • RTM