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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Aoyama Shinji

Aoyama Shinji at IFFR

  • Sad Vacation

    Asano Tadanobu, the Japanese actor with the beautiful long hair, plays a man with a fairly complicated past. He was once deserted by his mother and ha

    • Kings & Aces
  • Eureka

    Two children and the driver are the only survivors of a violent bus hijacking. Several years later, they go on a journey together, in this meditation

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  • Roji-E

    Alongside the impressive Eureka, Aoyama this year also made this requiem for writer Nakagami Kenji, which is also a portrait of his birthplace, the co

    • on the waterfront new films
  • Haruneko

    Those who seek to die find refuge in a mysterious café. In this feverish musical dream that recalls Terayama Shuji, the forest is a place where

    • Bright Future
  • Chinpira

    Realistic and subdued Yakuza film about ageing gangster and his young colleague whose explosive character causes problems.

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