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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Anya Tsyrlina

Anya TSYRLINA is a Russian-born artist working with film and video.


(selection) phenomenon (2019, short, co-dir), horizōn (2019, short, co-dir), 193 Octillion (2020), All Other Things Equal (2020, short), Meteor (2021, short)

Anya Tsyrlina at IFFR

  • All Other Things Equal

    Can we find a different feminism in the images of state-sponsored Soviet documentaries about women and their role in socialism? Yes.

    • Cinema Regained
  • (to) preserve

    The title is the only understandable word in this footage that was re-used to evoke a surface that functions as a membrane.

    • Regained
  • horizōn

    An exploration of the collective fantasies about ‘Siberia’ and ‘Communism’ in the forbidding state archives of the former Soviet Union.

    • Regained
  • a minor piece of damage

    In this video a painting is both traditionally restored and digitally retouched, transforming it into a new and hybrid object.

    • Regained
  • escape goat

    This disruptive video invites the viewer to drift through a string of surreal scenes from a sabotaged nature documentary with a quietly unsettling atm

    • Wait and See