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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Ann Course

Ann Course at IFFR

  • Black Magic

    A grim animation film about poor people who ‘don’t understand’.

    • main programme short
  • Untitled

    Your nuts, my hole.

    • short films
  • Hunt Me

    Girls like to get it.

    • short films
  • The News

    In the idiosyncratic animation technique characteristic of Ann Course – semi-abstract black & white drawings with great eloquence – she reflects on ‘t

    • short films
  • Shit belt

    Perhaps the most political incorrect episode in her recent series of existential and often irreverent animated shorts.

    • What (is) Cinema?
  • Mother Sleeping Bag, Hands, The Artist

    Although one of the key characteristics in her work is her straightforward simplicity and sobriety, Ann Course here presents a constellation with several works in various materials. A neon, a wooden collage, a series of drawings and an animated film: they all testify to the same relentless and playfully sarcastic view of the world of […]

    • What (is) Cinema? TENT.
  • The Collaborators

    In her first dialogue-based work, the words come out as sparse as the lines of visual artist Ann Course’s rudimentary, yet powerful drawings.

    • Break Even Store
    • Signals - RE: Reloaded