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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Ane Hjort Guttu

Ane HJORT GUTTU (1971, Norway) is a filmmaker, visual artist and curator based in Oslo. She works in a variety of media, but has in recent years mainly concentrated on film and video works, ranging from investigative documentary to poetic fiction and exploring issues of power and freedom in the Scandinavian post-welfare state. In 2013, she obtained a PhD in Artistic Research from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, where she has worked as a professor since 2016. In recent years, Hjort Guttu has become a recurring guest at IFFR, with Manifesto (2021) as a world premiere and her fourth film in six years being shown at the festival.


How to Become a Non-Artist (2007, short), Arket er strekens verden/The Paper Is The Line’s World (2009, short doc), Frihet forutsetter at noen er fri/Freedom Requires Free People (2011, short doc), Fire studier av Oslo og New York/Four Studies of Oslo and New York (2012, short), Uten tittel (Byen om natta)/Untitled (The City at Night) (2013, short doc), Dette er alle steder/This Place Is Every Place (2014, short), Tiden går/Time Passes (2015, mid-length), The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayakawa (2016, short), Møbler er ikke bare møbler/Furniture Isn’t Just Furniture (2017, short), Manifesto (2021, short)

More info: Ane Hjort Guttu

Ane Hjort Guttu at IFFR

  • Manifesto

    As an art school is subsumed by a culture of surveillance and administration, small gestures of resistance liberate the creative soul.

    • Ammodo Tiger Short Competition
  • Time Passes

    What can we do when art fails? Or when film fails art? Time Passes is Ane Hjort Guttu’s response to such questions. Inspired by Peter Watkins’ Edward

    • Bright Future
    • Bright Future Mid-length
  • Untitled (The City at Night)

    Fascinating study into the life’s work of an anonymous artist with an archive of abstract drawings; scores to his nightly walks. See also This Place I

    • Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
  • This Place Is Every Place

    Conversation between two young women in a Stockholm suburb about the Arab Spring, which first brought hope for a better future and then disappointment

    • As Long As It Takes: Short