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Amanda Kramer

Amanda KRAMER is an American musician, author and filmmaker. Over the past five years she’s made four films, her debut feature Ladyworld (2018) was selected for the Frontières Buyers Showcase at the Marché du Film at Cannes and then premiered at Fantastic Fest and London BFI Film Festival before its theatrical release. She also makes music videos, which have been featured on Vogue, LA Record, Flaunt Magazine and Complex. Both Please Baby Please (2022) and Give Me Pity! (2022) had their world premieres at IFFR 2022, as part of the Focus: Amanda Kramer programme. So Unreal (2023) is her first documentary and was selected for IFFR 2024.


(selection) Bark (2016, short), Requests (2017, short), Intervene (2018, short), Paris Window (2018), Ladyworld (2018), Sin Ultra (2019, short), Please Baby Please (2022), Give Me Pity! (2022), So Unreal (2023)

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Amanda Kramer at IFFR

  • So Unreal

    Rock icon Debbie Harry narrates this sensorial essay-documentary about the interwoven relationships between cinema, humanity and technology.

    • Harbour
  • Intervene

    A needy man is tormented by religious visions. The women in his life plan an intervention.

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Ladyworld

    Eight teenage girls are trapped in a basement. Common sense makes way for extreme fears and emotions, in this delirious thriller.

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Requests

    The songs of life and love requested in the nightclub undermine the usual pop clichés – but is this what everyone wants?

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Give Me Pity!

    Sissy St. Claire gives the one-woman show of her life, but dark forces lurk backstage. Glittery VHS-style disco dream.

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Please Baby Please

    A respectable bohemian couple discover a sexual reawakening after encountering a bunch of savage gangsters. With a star cast.

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Paris Window

    Sunny gets into a relationship with a man who looks just like her brother… Kramer’s first feature is a hermetic chamber piece.

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Sin Ultra

    Practically naked corpses of young women: cinema’s expendable female dead. They’re logged in a cardboard factory, in Kramer’s short

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer
  • Bark

    A strange conversation, between two teenage girls in a dreamy setting, culminates in a surreal nightmare.

    • Focus: Amanda Kramer