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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Alexei Balabanov

Alexei Balabanov at IFFR

  • Dead Man’s Bluff

    Gangster film shows a caricature of the situation in Russia during the 1990s, when the Mafia blossomed and created its own culture (bling avant la let

    • Kings & Aces
  • Morphia

    Artistic masterpiece of one of the greatest contemporary Russian film makers based on the short stories of Mikhail Bulgakov, as adapted by the tragica

    • Spectrum
  • Cargo 200

    Extremely realistic thriller about Soviet Russia in the 1980s, when a crazy policeman introduces his own laws when he has to solve two important cases

    • Kings & Aces
  • Me Too

    A killer, a musician, a friend of the musician, a prostitute and an old man embark on a journey to a so-called ‘Belfry of Happiness’. A high-speed and

    • Spectrum
  • Schastlivije dny

    In this serene and playful film, the Russian metropolis of St. Petersburg is shown in all its visual splendour. A man (a wonderfully understated role by Viktor Sukorukov) leaves hospital with a bandage round his head. He traipses the streets of the city looking for a room and asking around. The woman who has a […]

    • main programme
  • A Stoker

    The latest film of the Russian master takes us to the early1990s and the city of St.Petersburg, right before the disintegration of the Soviet imperium

    • Spectrum
  • Of Freaks and Men

    Story about deep human passions (in its film style a reference to photography around 1900, including captions). About two families in Saint Petersburg

    • after the fall of the wall
  • Zamok

    First comic film interpretation of Kafka’s ‘The Castle’ in which the makers reflect their own unreal world.

    • films from oz
  • Brat

    • main programme