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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Aihara Nobuhiro

Aihara Nobuhiro at IFFR

  • Yellow Snake

    Two screens move at different speeds and in different positions around a body.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Noise

    With the aid of old flip-book techniques, the photographs of Muybridge and more relive the era before the invention of cinema.

    • Short: As Long As It Takes
  • Yellow Night

    Great scratching. Don’t think of a story or significance for a while. And look. Aren’t the drawings beautiful.

    • White Light
  • Trip

    Cheerfully sketched dream. Abstract, okay, but above all not too serious. Daydream and keep trying at the same time. A surprise.

    • White Light
  • Wind

    Buddhist short film by a famous animation film-maker.

    • main programme short
  • Scrap Diary

    About a hundred short scenes unfold at dizzying speed in black & white.

    • main programme short
  • Dreams

    Écriture automatique and computers don’t go together. That’s why this surrealistic dream was hand-drawn.

    • Spectrum Shorts